Every expansion, game and item pack you need to create the perfect castle

Anyone who likes to build big houses The Sims 4 will know the call to create a castle construction. Whether it’s a simple medieval castle with towers and a keep or even a more modern mansion-like castle, the game provides plenty of content with its packs for quintessential medieval constructions.

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However, it can be difficult to choose which DLC to get first and which one has the most content available for such releases. There are certainly pros and cons in terms of price and pack size, but even some smaller DLCs can add quite a bit for a player with strong preferences. Here’s what to invest in to build the perfect castle.


Romantic Garden Stuff Pack

A pack which is certainly not a priority, but which can bring so many things in the construction of castles is the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack. The Item Pack focuses primarily on garden and outdoor items, and adds a bunch of garden items like new bushes, statues, and hedges.

These elements look great in a castle build, and a major aspect of any build is the landscaping and outdoor space of the build itself. However, if this is not a major concern, it is better to invest in other packs before embarking on this one. It’s more of a nice bonus.

Deluxe Party Item Pack

Luxury Party Sims 4 Haunted House Expansion Game Item Packs

the Deluxe Party Item Pack is a very niche pack, and certainly not a favorite among Simmers. However, players looking for more modern furnishings for their castle will definitely want to consider it due to some of the fancy furnishings that come with it.

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All in all, maybe a bit too modern for a classic medieval castle, so as Romantic Garden Stuff Packit’s more of a matter of preference for players who want to add a few extra bonus items to a luxurious build.

Pack of vintage glamor items

Vintage Glamor Sims 4 Expansion Game Stuff Packs Haunted House

For more interior furnishing items, Pack of vintage glamor items is actually pretty decent. His vintage items look a little too clean to actually be perfectly vintage, but they’ll still look great in a castle build. Of the stuff packs, it seems to provide the most in terms of castle-inspired furnishings.

There are also doors, wallpapers and curtains that look quite nice in a more old-fashioned and whimsical construction, without looking out of place or extremely outdated. Again, more of a preference than a requirement.

vampire game pack

As far as game packs go, this is where most of the juicy content for medieval castle building is. the Vampires The game pack is absolutely fantastic when it comes to medieval building blocks, and many of the prefabs already included in Forgotten Hollow are a great source of inspiration.

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Everything from statues to doors, windows, wallpapers, flooring and various chic Victorian furniture can be found in this pack. This is an absolute must and makes building castles much more plausible. Best of all, it’s not a full extension, so it’s easy to pick up.

Kingdom of Magic Game Pack

Realm Of Magic Sims 4 Haunted House Expansion Game Item Packs

Another good game pack that follows in the same vein as Vampires East realm of magic. Glimmerbrook introduced the Art Nouveau decorating style, but many build mode and buy mode items also work great in medieval castle builds.

The interior furnishings in particular are extremely lavish and sophisticated, designed for witches and wizards, and could very well be imagined in a castle build. Many other items like shelves also fit perfectly into a fancy castle.

Extension Get Together

Meet was one of the game’s biggest expansions, filled with both modern and old-fashioned items. The best part of this pack for players looking for castle-themed build mode and buy mode items is the Old Town of Windenburg, which features the ancient and medieval Tudor building style.

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The Tudor style can look extremely cool in particularly old castle constructions. Paired with something like the Vampire game pack, these two would make an ideal starter kit for players looking to build castles.

Get a famous extension

Become famous isn’t the perfect expansion for castle builds, but it’s a nice addition nonetheless due to some of the extravagant and stylish elements included. Classy furnishings in particular can be ideal for castle builds, but the best are any medieval props used for play.

From swords on the wall to barrels to whimsical doors, this pack has plenty of original content that matches the stereotypical medieval castle aesthetic. It would probably be the best investment after grabbing Vampires, Meet and realm of magic first.

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