Every cheat (and how to remove them)

A little challenge is always fun, but sometimes using tricks is a necessity. In The Sims 4, cheats are great for playing out the dreamlike ideal life players want to have and for storytelling purposes. They bring a bit of spice and make it simple to set up stories in a way that doesn’t require mods.

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However, there are a ton of cheats in the game, and while most people know the classics, some are more obscure. Also, not all cheats appear as commands. On the contrary, they are activated by an object. Here are all the cheats and their activation methods.

22 Enable cheats

To start using cheats, they must first be activated via a command box. To access it, press CTRL + SHIFT + C on the keyboard at the same time during gameplay, and a white box should appear at the top of the screen.

Now start typing in that box. The following command must be entered for any other cheat command to be used: testingcheats true. If the command was written correctly, a small message should appear below indicating that cheats are enabled.


21 Mailbox tips

The mailbox is one of the main items that allows players to easily use cheats once they are activated. Just right click on a mailbox – not left click! – and a bunch of new options should appear.

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This includes changing the needs of Sims located on the lot. Alternatively, the player can simply press CTRL + SHIFT + C and type fillmotive x and replace the “x” with the need the player wishes to fill, such as energy, hunger, or social connections.

20 Sims Cheats

Right-clicking Sims also allows for additional cheats, but these can also be accessed through commands. Sims can be added to a household or reset if stuck in a T-pose.

Reset also works via commands by typing: resetsim firstname lastname. Another useful command disables one of the hover effects when hovering over Sims: hover effects are on (or off).

19 Floor tips

The last location to cheat on is the ground which unlocks the ability for any Sim to teleport to any location. Without this trick, teleportation is only available for certain skills and careers and allows fast travel across the world.

18 Item Tips

It is also possible to interact with random objects by clicking on them with the right mouse button. In particular, if an object is buggy, it can be reset to work correctly.

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In addition, all dirty objects can be automatically cleaned by right-clicking on them.

17 money tricks

There are three major money cheats in the game. The classics are Kaching and Motherlode, which most are already familiar with. Kaching gives 1000 simoleons, while Motherlode gives 50,000.

Money X, with X replaced by any number starting from 0, allows players to set a custom amount of money for a household. This is useful for challenges where the player must start with nothing in the bank.

16 death cheat

Don’t like the idea of ​​Sims dying? Death can be completely removed from the game with this command: death.toggle true/false (choose either or).

Ghosts also have their own tricks. The traits.equip_trait X command, with X replaced by one of the causes of death, allows players to decide how a Sim died and change their ghostly color.

15 Free real estate

Do you want to accommodate a family in a specific house in the Gallery or a recently built house, but the land is too expensive?

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During the move sequence, on the world map screen, type this: freerealestate on/off (choose either or). Sims won’t have to pay for a house now.

14 Domestic bills

Bills are a bummer, but there is a way to get rid of them. With this order, a family will never have to worry about them again. Type: Household.autopay_bills true/false (choose or). This will toggle whether or not invoices are active for a family.

13 Video Tips

A few interesting game controls also exist for gamers. Type: fps on/off. This allows players to monitor any fps changes during gameplay. Typing “fullscreen” will put the game in fullscreen mode, while the command “enable/disable title effects” (choose either or), removes effects of title.

12 More objects

To unlock a whole bunch of decorative items for these nifty builds, be sure to type in these three commands to gain unlimited access to all items in the game.

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First type “bb.showhiddenobjects”, then “bb.showliveeditobjects” and finally “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement”. Enjoy the scale of new objects!

11 Free construction and placement

Builders definitely need to have these two cheats up their sleeves. To place an object anywhere, even in a wall, use this command: “bb.moveobjects”. To build absolutely anywhere, type “bb.enabrefreebuild”, which allows players to edit community lots without being on the world.

ten Aspirations and satisfaction

Those who wish to achieve certain aspirations can enter “aspirations.complete_current_milestone”, which will propel them to the next level of aspiration. For more satisfaction points to buy juicy rewards, type “sims.give_satifastaction_points x” and replace x with the desired amount.

9 CAS tips

A must-have CAS cheat for anyone who is tired of seeing ugly townspeople is “cas.fulleditmode”. It even allows players to modify genetics, aspirations, and traits in CAS.

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For Nifty Knitting fans, the “cas.unlockbytag sp17” will finally make all cool knitting clothes available without the annoying drudgery.

8 Career and school cheats

Instead of waiting for a promotion, players can type “careers.promote x”, with x as the career name. For a downgrade, simply replace “promote” with “demote” in the same command.

To assign a career, type “careers.add_career x”, where x is the name of the career. For younger Sims, boost their grades by typing “careers.promote elementary/high school” (choose either or). For part-time careers, the command is changed to “careers.promote PartTime_x” with x as the career tag. To see all career tags, check out this list.

7 Skill Tips

To set a custom skill level, use this: stats.set_skill_level major_X #. “X” is replaced by the skill name and “#” is replaced by the level number, usually 1-10 for most skills.

For toddlers, the command is: statistic_skill_toddler_X #. For children, use “stats.set_skill_level skill_child_X #”. For skills included in Parenthood, use “stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_X #”. Be sure to check out the exact skill tags here.

6 Emotions and Potions Cheats

To control emotions or consumables like potions that provide moods, there are two commands.

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The “objects.consumables_infinite_toggle” command ensures that a Sim will never run out of their potion. Finally, “sims.add_buff X”, with “X” replaced with a specific emotion, allows players to control their Sims’ current emotions. Check moodlet names here.

5 Trait Cheats

Traits can be edited in CAS, but some traits are not available there, so this command “traits.equip_trait x”, with “X” replaced by the trait name, is useful.

Special traits learned from parenting can be added with “traits.equip_trait lifeskills_X”, with “X” replaced by the specific name of the skill. See the list of trait codes here.

4 Relationship cheating

Any relationship between any Sims can be changed with a simple command. Just type: “modifyrelationship firstname lastname targetfirst targetlast x relationship type.” “X” must be replaced by the type of relationship sought.

3 Dine out, go to work and veterinary clinic

To unlock perks for businesses, restaurants, and vet clinics, there’s also a handy cheat.

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Type “bucks.unlock_perk X true”, with “X” replaced by the name of the perk the player wants.

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