Essential Sims 4 mods for in-game storytelling

The sims The franchise has long been known for its fun and quirky (if somewhat unrealistic) gameplay. Yet it’s no secret that The Sims 4 was a bit lacking in the storytelling department compared to its counterparts. Contrary to The Sims 2there are no neighborly relationships or predefined dramas, and unlike Sims 3, it was so much harder to go out and make your own; Until very recently.

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The Sims themselves are relatively lifeless in The Sims 4, which makes it much more difficult to develop exciting stories for them. Modders have therefore taken over, bringing fantasy and realism to the gameplay.

8 The WooHoo Wellness Module

This mod by Lumpinou is quickly becoming known among Simmers as the new fundamental to telling Sims stories. It completely updates The Sims 4Relationship and Pregnancy Systems Adding Dimensions: Players can set Sim preferences based on whether or not they would like to experience pregnancy and parenthood, and Sims will behave accordingly.

Partners with differing opinions may fight over this. This can influence how they feel about the child once born. Sims in a relationship can go to counseling, get tested for WTDs, undergo paternity tests, abortions, etc., and they can talk about or react to any of it. They may also discuss their previous relationships, and a Sim may feel or express suspicion about their partner’s friendships. Relationships can grow stronger or break because of all of this. The potential for great storytelling is limitless. The mod is really a must have for The Sims 4 legacy challenges.

seven The preteen mod

As indicated by his name, this mod by Itskatato basically adds an additional (although optional) life stage to The Sims 4. Rather than a Sim who seemingly jumps from ten to 16, he can age himself into a preteen in middle school, learning that he now needs deodorant and body lotion to live on as his voice cracks. They can experience their first crushes and stalk them on Simstagram, or flirt with them and have great photo ops. They will experience moods that their parents can give them chill pills for (assuming the WonderfulWhims mod is also installed).

Players must manually set their ideal tween age range, and the Sim will automatically age to a teenager after passing through. In terms of storytelling, the mod offers a much more natural progression through puberty.

6 slice of life mod

It’s an obvious choice that nearly every Simmer willing to play with mods has installed, but this list wouldn’t be complete without it. The Ground Mod by KawaiiStacie adds unparalleled realism to The Sims 4 which affects everything from a Sim’s emotions to their behavior to how they look during interactions. It features the MBTI personality types that influence Sim mood and functioning. It also gives them memories they can think about and share with others. They suffer from illnesses, colds, menstrual cycles, bugs or stomach cramps, warning signs of pregnancy before the game announces it, real drunkenness, etc.

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Sims will actively blush when embarrassed or flirty; cry when you’re sad. They acquire bruises after fights. Teenage Sims have pimples and need skin care. They look and act more like real people, and sheer evidence of the emotional range this mod makes possible is great for storytelling.

5 The set of fun modules for toddlers

Toddlers are part The Sims 4but the way older Sims can play and interact with them is unfortunately limited. This set of mods by PandaSamaCC adds new toys, toddler features and interactions to the game. Some of them are very familiar to fans of The Sims 2. Like the cradles that toddlers scream to get out of or the changing table.

Others are relatively new: the face painting kit toddlers can paint their playmate’s face with, the food truck older Sims can pretend to order, or the toy phone they can now use to teach toddlers to talk. However, playmates don’t just have to be older Sims; they can also be other toddlers. The mod is tailor-made for family games, and the stories that arise from these new interactions are worth getting.

4 The Education Review Mod

Mods added private schools and boarding schools to The Sims 4 before, but this one by Adeepindigo handles both while completely overhauling the game’s standard education system. Children can choose whether they will go to public school or, assuming they pass the enrollment process, in the spring for prep school. Their parents can condemn them to the army or to boarding school (where they will be homesick). Each school comes with a range of new assignments or school projects, or uniforms, in the case of prep schools. As they age into adolescence, children can choose to continue in their current school or transfer to another.

Students experience field trips, detentions, photo days, and school dances. They get snow days and summer vacations, caregivers can attend parent-teacher conferences, and Teen Sims are told about standard aptitude tests and graduation. The beauty of this mod is that (especially coupled with the Preteen Mod) it is now possible to closely follow a Sim’s development through childhood and puberty into adulthood, allowing for richer stories. This doesn’t even take into account the dramatic potential of children from the same household being sent to different schools, especially if one of them is sent to boarding school.

3 The MC command center module

There is a reason deaderpool’s mod is a must among The Sims 4 players. Until EA releases the latest update to their Neighborhood stories system, Sims’ lives outside of the Active Household would remain static without this mod, other than them aging and dying. Even now, Neighborhood stories lacks many of the best features of MCCC: for example, it does not allow unplayed Sims to connect and marry or get pregnant on their own with other Sims unless they are already in an established relationship .

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MCCC’s spontaneous range of story progression and autonomy is reminiscent of previous Sims games and allows for complex storytelling. When a Sim leaves home for a long time and then comes back, finding out that the brother left behind has grown up and got a job is fine, but also finding out that he married someone the Sim hates? Much better.

2 The WonderfulWhims Module

Another essential among The Sims 4 storytellers, this mod by Turbodriver adds attraction preferences to the game. Sims can set their current surroundings to those they find attractive, and players can set their Sims’ gender preferences by percentage, allowing for slightly more realistic bi or pan scenarios .

It’s also possible to set Sims’ preference for an open or exclusive relationship (or both), allowing for polyamorous relationships or creating great story potential when two Sims with different inclinations find themselves in a relationship. Because, of course, Sims have the ability to ask other Sims about their preferences, even those of NPCs, and get answers they might not like.

1 The Health Redux Mod

Maybe trips to the pharmacy and doctor seem a little boring, but they are a necessity of life, especially when they precede something worse. This mod, also by Adeepindigo, offers much more than standard health checkups. It allows Sims to deal with illnesses and injuries that require actual sick days or conditions requiring hospital surgery, such as appendicitis.

They may have mental health issues or postpartum depression and need therapy or medication. There are diseases that Sims can get vaccinated against and others that (on rare occasions) can cause death. Complications can arise during surgery. Sims may wonder if their insurance covers treatment options. There are a wide variety of potentially emotional scenarios in all of these situations.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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