EA will release Sims 4 expansion in Russia despite homophobia

Two women are about to get married in a wedding ceremony.

Screenshot: EA

the The Sims 4 The community has been buzzing since EA announced that the game’s upcoming wedding-friendly expansion would not be released in Russia due to the country’s homophobic federal laws. Today the editor reconsidered his decision. My Marriage Stories will be published in Russia, and it will be “unaltered and unchanged”.

As first reported by VICEin a letter posted on the game’s website, the sims The development team told their community that “we re-evaluated our options and realized we can do more than we initially thought”. Since the studio decided to release the wedding expansion in Russia, the global launch date of My Marriage Stories has been pushed back from February 17 to February 23. EA has promised that the game content will not be changed for the Russian edition.

My Marriage Stories is the last The Sims 4 expansion, allowing players to plan and host weddings for their Sims. The package marketing campaign heavily centered around Cameron and Dominique, a lesbian couple.

Previously EA Maxis decided not to release the pack in Russia due to the inclusion of the expansion of same-sex marriages. The studio believed that Russian federal laws would force changes to the content of the expansion. These fears are not entirely unfounded. Russia had alaw on homosexual propagandasince 2013, which imposes fines for giving information about “non-traditional” relationships to children, presenting these relationships as attractive or asserting the equality between “traditional and non-traditional sexual relationships”.

The Rating Committee of Russia ranked The Sims 4 inasmuch as adults only game, possibly creating the flaw that allows EA to go ahead with the release. Nevertheless, it’s extremely shit that gay relationships are confused with adult sexual content. The laws have caused other companies like Blizzard to remove queer content in order to remain compliant.

Prior to EA’s turnaround, the sims The community was agitated by the company’s decision not to release the expansion in Russia. Many content creators foreseen to withhold content or boycott the expansion to put public pressure on EA. In the letter announcing the change, EA said it had “listened to the outpouring of sentiment from our community” and said, “It is equally important for us to stand up for our values, including the fight against homophobia, and to sharing stories like this with those who want and need it most. Kotaku has contacted EA, but has not received a response as of press time.

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