EA Still Hasn’t Learned From The Sims 4 Kit Backlash

The backlash that The Sims 4 kits encountered in 2021 is still ongoing, with some players believing bigger updates from EA would be better.

fans of The Sims 4 are angry with EA because it appears the developer has learned nothing from the backlash and controversy over the game’s Kits. The continued release of Kits – the most recent of which is The Sims 4‘s Carnival Streetwear Kit – demonstrates that EA hadn’t listened to the The Sims 4 community, many of whom did not like the smaller content packs when they first launched. A lot of The Sims 4 gamers have taken to social media and message boards to express their anger as they feel EA is ignoring their concerns, with the game seeing more kits instead of bigger additions over the past year.


The kits were first introduced for The Sims 4 as tiny DLCs in March 2021 with the simultaneous release of Break the dust, Country kitchenand Retro fit that same month. Over time, more kits have been released alongside other DLCs for the The Sims 4. Each The Sims 4 DLC Kit is a small collection of items related to Accent Kits, with Break the dust also offering players a small amount of new gameplay mechanics.

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Since their release, The Sims 4 The kits have been a controversial and divisive issue among the fan base. There are currently 10 kits available to players that offer a mix of construction, clothing, and limited gameplay. However, some The Sims 4 fans are angry as they don’t believe the small number of assets justifies the price of the kits.

The Sims 4 kits are a poor substitute for updates

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One of The Sims 4 The main problem players have with Kits is their price. Currently, the total cost of The Sims 4, if a player were to purchase all Expansion Packs, Item Packs, Game Packs, and Kits, is over $800.00. Admittedly, the The Sims 4 has been out for almost eight years, but that’s a whopping $100 a year for the Simmers.

From a certain point of view the kits make sense because they don’t have as much content as the other packs and are what the sims teams describe as hyper-focused. They weren’t designed to appeal to everyone, with each of the currently available kits focusing on different aspects of The Sims 4 playability. However, many Simmers still feel that the The Sims 4 The kits aren’t worth buying and don’t justify their $4.99 price tag.

Many The Sims 4 players feel that kit items should be in expansion, item, or game packs. Other The Sims 4 players have drawn comparisons to the infamous Sims 3 store, which had games buy Sims Points with real money to purchase additional items for their game. microtransactions.

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The Sims 4 has several types of DLC that it releases, varying in size and quality. Expansions, item packs, game packs, and now kits give fans the feeling that EA wants to make as much money as possible from an already established fan base. However, other fans claim that if players don’t want to buy the kits, they have no obligation to do so, and thus the community is split on the issue.

Another issue to consider is the role the Covid-19 pandemic might have played and its influence on the development and release of the Kits. EA could have decided to release smaller content packs to appease a community used to having more. It could have been easier to release smaller packs with so many team members on leave or working remotely.

Although perhaps originally intended to cleanse the palate by The Sims 4 team, the continued release of kits has left many sims fans feel disappointed. Smaller hyper-focused packs mean that at least one or two will appeal to such a varied fanbase. Ultimately, EA has a business to run, and the kits make good business sense, although many gamers may prefer more substantial updates.

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