Does the game go into dark mode?


The Sims Twitter The account has been updated with a new look, and it has fans buzzing with new content for the game. Along with rumors of what’s to come for The Sims 5, many have speculated if there will be an upcoming dark theme for The Sims 4. With tips and updates from Maxis Studios, does the game go into dark mode?

Curfew! Will there be a new Dark Mode feature in The Sims 4?

At the moment there is no clear answer as to whether a dark mode will be added to

The Sims 4 has continuously improved the game with updated Neighborhood Stories and packs like My Marriage Stories. A dark mode feature could possibly be in the works for the latest upcoming patch for the game. Maxis Studios hinting at this mode comes from the Sims Twitter profile picture which is now set to a darker tone with the iconic Plumbob lit.

The profile picture isn’t the only thing to change; the banner has also been updated with the phrase: “This Season It’s Lights Out”. This suggests that dark mode fans wanted it because this theme would make it easier on the eyes when gaming at night.

With the banner and profile picture switched to a new tone, a dark mode feature is definitely a possibility. Mods have already created a mode like this, and gamers have approved it with its many in-game installments. Maxis Studios can jump on board by finally adding this theme without the mods.

This possible new feature is always said to be true, but hopefully, fans will be able to follow the dark mode of the game in the future. As new teasers, hints and other content appear, stay up to date on emagtrends with the latest Sims news.

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