Cryptic DLC teasers from The Sims 4 devs decoded by players

Clever Sims 4 players have decoded the many mysterious messages posted by the developers, which point to a new Werewolf Game Pack.

Clever The Sims 4 players have decoded two cryptic messages tweeted by the developers teasing the game’s upcoming DLC. The development team recently announced a new The Sims 4 The Game Pack will be released at the end of June, leaving many hints that the new DLC will be werewolf-themed, although nothing has been confirmed about the actual contents of the Game Pack yet.

Since its release, The Sims 4 came to offer several different sizes of DLC to players which add new features to the game. Game packs add the second amount of content, oversized only by expansion packs. Game Packs generally add a new form of play to The Sims 4sometimes alongside a new in-game world. Previous game packs have introduced different playable supernatural types – a feature that has been present in every entry in the series in one form or another – such as spell casters and vampires for The Sims 4.


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Mysterious messages from The Sims 4 developers love SimGuruConor and SimGuruDoi among others on Twitter caused a lot of fan speculation this week as players tried to decipher the coded messages posted by the creators. The posts, made up of symbols such as stars, moons and vases, were decoded by two clever Reddit users, Guinydyl and dolewhiplash, to reveal a series of cryptic messages that may indicate werewolves are coming soon. SimGuruConor’s tweet was translated to “a territory marking book“, and that of SimGuruDoi has been decoded to mean”Welcome to Moonwood Mill“Tweets translated by users from other developers included the posts, “there were Mooncasters here” and “where do all these frogs come from.”

Perhaps most telling of all of this is the post about Moonwood Mill, which appears to be a new in-game world. Previously, a lot of promotional material for upcoming games – and even that of released titles like the small campers Kit – included images of the moon, heavily implying werewolves to come. This would be incredibly exciting news for many players – many believe the inclusion of werewolves would make The Sims 4 more fun and add unique new gameplay options like in previous titles. In older versions of the game, werewolves became available to play much earlier in the game’s lifespan, so their inclusion seven years after the release of The Sims 4 would be incredibly welcome.

Not all The Sims 4 player is a supernatural gameplay fan, and some prefer to play only as normal Sims. However, those who enjoy playing with creatures like vampires and spellcasters in the game tend to be big fans of supernatural game mechanics and are eager for a new way to create and level up creatures. interesting. It is not the first time The Sims 4 the developers have teased new content via Twitter, but this is by far the most mysterious way to do it and has got the game’s community incredibly curious. Although it’s still unclear which Game Pack is coming for The Sims 4these messages from the developers make it clear that fans could see werewolves in their games by the end of June.

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