Creator collaborations can save The Sims 4 kits

The Sims 4 DLC Kit releases are widely hated by fans of the game, but collaborations with popular Sim content creators could save them.

Of all the DLC sizes offered for The Sims 4, Kits are by far the most hated, but content creators could help turn public opinion around. Currently, The Sims 4 features four different types of DLC that players can purchase: expansion packs, game packs, item packs, and kits, each decreasing in the amount of content they offer. While most gamers would prefer EA to focus on larger releases of the game, kits have been by far the most common release since their introduction in early 2021, with over a dozen kits coming to the game. game since – however, only two expansion packs have been released in that time.


One of the two most recently announced kits, Pastel colorturned out to be a collaboration with the popular The Sims 4 YouTuber Plumbella. This is the first release of Kit that a respected content creator has contributed to, although not the first time The Sims 4 brought in well-known designers in the gaming community to be part of a project. However, until now their functions have been relegated to the design of lots – for example, the houses of Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion pack and most bundles of the werewolves Game Pack was created by Simmers lil_simsie and James Turner respectively, and they were much better quality than what had been built by developers in the past. It seems The Sims 4 expands how it uses content creators, which could be a brilliant move for kits if done correctly.

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Content Creators Can Reliably Create Quality Sims 4 Kits

The Sims 4 Pastel Pop kit elements are presented in a purple-hued room, with three Sims sitting and talking and another entering the doorway.

It is common knowledge that the past The Sims 4 The kits disappointed the players. More often than not, they present themselves as low-effort money grabs due to their lack of quality, missing features like interactive objects, and often only containing a few truly unique items. The point of the kits is that they focus on a hyper-specific theme, so when the builds end up feeling generic, it defeats the purpose of the DLC. However, just like builds from The Sims 4 the creators had better quality, it seems likely the same can be said for the new one from Plumbella Pastel color Case.

In an interview about the kit on EA’s website, Plumbella details how their experience building in The Sims 4 and their familiarity with the series contributed to the way they approached the design of the kit, which highlights one of the greatest benefits for content creators: they play The Sims 4 much more than developers. While many players believe The Sims 4 Kits aren’t worth buying in their current state, having creators on board who are more in tune with the community – as they frequently interact with them – can help change that opinion. Kits made in collaboration with those who actively play the game and listen to fan opinions mean they’re much more likely to deliver a quality product that gamers actually want to buy – or at least one they don’t hate. actively.

There are undoubtedly many other popular content creators besides Plumbella who would gladly help produce future kits for The Sims 4and EA continuing to include them in projects of all kinds would be incredibly helpful to the whole sims Mark. Now that the The Sims 4 The base game has become free for new players, the game’s community is going to grow even bigger than it is now, and if EA doesn’t listen to what they want, they should hire creators who will. There are obviously no plans to stop selling kits anytime soon, and the continued involvement of content creators is an absolute must if they have a chance of becoming a The Sims 4 DLC which is not much hated by fans.

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