Community-Created Sims 4 Fantasy Savegame Is The Perfect Halloween Gift

The upcoming storylines for The Sims 4 base game may have dropped like a lead balloon, but players in the game continue to do the most incredible things. From modders like TwistedMexi to CC creators like Ravasheen as well as gamers doing things like the Fishy Save File – adding generational stories before EA even thought of refreshing townsfolk, Sims 4 gamers are awe-inspiring.

If you don’t generally like messing with occults in The Sims 4, or even if you generally prefer building over gameplay, why not try something a little different?

It’s Halloween, after all, and you might be surprised how quickly this save file and the larger player-driven project behind it draw you in. You might even say it’s enchanting.

Let’s start with the overview. Retha Sim has inspired a community of gamers to create the most incredible magical, mystical, and mythical worlds and Sims. Each month, players are encouraged to transform an existing Sims 4 neighborhood into something magical, with the ultimate goal of changing the landscape of each game world and creating the Sims who live there.

Simmers upload these creations to the official Sims 4 Gallery, and Retha Sim then visits them on her Twitch channel once a month.

Players do not need to own the chosen world packs – they can always

Willow Creek became Gnome Creek, Oasis Springs is home to Oasis Space Port while Winderburg is Elvenburg, Sulani is Port Sulani, Brindleton Bay is home to Bewitchment Bay, and Evergreen Harbor is turned into Hazard Harbor.

Each world has its own backstory with themed building challenges (ahem, Sims might end up calling them Scenarios….) and the gallery is full of mythical Sims just waiting to move in.

It can’t be stressed enough how impressive this is as a community-driven project – and that’s before we’ve even been able to save the file created by fellow Simmer, Nightlioness.

For some context, here’s an excerpt from RethaSim’s vision of Gnome Creek (with a description of the neighborhood):

About Gnome Creek: In a sleepy corner of the world, nestled between forests and fields, the Gnomes of Gnome Creek have managed to continue their somewhat sheltered and domestic lives, far from the hustle and bustle of other nearby magical worlds.

Gnomes live close to the earth and like to work with their hands. Most still cook with cauldrons, although some bakers swear by enchanted witches’ stoves or wood-burning cooking stoves. Weather permitting, most gnomes can be found in the garden; gardening, beekeeping or flower arranging. Most aspire to a quiet, simple way of life, though some mechanically minded gnomes can be found tinkering at the carpentry table.

Build style: Cozy fairy tale cottages, burrows and mushroom houses and Steampunk.

Magic: Some gnomes are spellcasters, they mainly practice practical magic and white magic and potion making.

Culture and values: Values ​​nature and connection with nature, resists modern technology and progress, revels in every day. Seeks peace and longs for a quiet life.

Skills development: Cooking, gardening, flower arranging, knitting (once out), baking, DIY

Additional Coaching Skills: Herbalism, Archaeology, Beekeeping, Fishing.

A few gnomes are hanging out in their bungalow at Gnome Creek.

Each of the worlds transformed by the #FantasySave community has a unique overview and context as well as a building style, diligently cataloged on the RethaSim website. And that brings us to the backup file created by Nightlione.

This is a jam-packed Sims 4 Save with hundreds of Sims and builds, all living in magical and mythical worlds that take the game from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are some screenshots of what you can expect.

Port Sulani, home to pirates and merfolk with off-grid culture and embracing the island’s elementals.

sims 4 nightlioness save sulani file port 1

And here’s a close-up of one of the constructions in Oasis Space Port, home to aliens and other intergalactic travelers, also seen below (with my apologies to the original creators for the liberties I’ve taken with the added some Sims 4 custom content). With Simmers like them, who needs Batuu?

sims 4 oasis spacesport fantasy save file (1)
oasis port space screws (1)

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