Community Banquet Honoring Bishop Charles Sims and Co-Pastor Jane Sims Will Be Delayed

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Forty-seven years later, Bishop Charles A. sims still remember the first message he preached in September 1975 at then-Calvary pentecostal Church in downtown Columbus. He believes the sermon Title keep on going at resonate with the same solid truth as this did this Morning in 1975: “This Use is Also Big For Me, But Just Right for God.”

The 77 years old pastor, among the the longest portion pastors already locally with his spouse and co-pastor Joan Sims, has has been a big voice for racial equality at apparently just the right time when After minorities were moving in the Region at take works with worldwide companies.

And Joan sims has has been a also big voice for women in leadership, above all in churches. She and his husband each were part of the struggle in who their own denomination recently decided women could serve as bishops.

” We have made some strides in those areas “, Pastor Joan sims said. “And I to believe we have has been power at have some impact, including on the general (church) relationships Between males and females.

The sims couple, outgoing of full time church leadership but not of Christian ministry Phone as writing books and some education, will be be honored at a festive community banquet currently being postponed as the elder sims recover of COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE The pairs final worship service, originally supposed at be this Sunday at now-Calvary Community Church at 11th and chestnut streets, too is being deferred slightly because of the health situation, according at Personal.

The bishop, known at sometimes be mischievous in the pulpit for comic relief, laugh when asked if That is the banquet Where his final service would have be emotional.

“I don’t have any idea,” he said.

“(Banquet) organizers are keeping a plot of things below their hat,” Joan sims said with a laugh of his own.

For the full story, see Thursday’s Republic.

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