Can teenagers live alone in The Sims 4? – GameSpew

It seems like a lot of people wonder if teenagers can live alone in The Sims 4. Well… can they? We are here to answer your question.

The short answer is yes: teenagers can live on their own The Sims 4. It might not be the usual thing, but if a teenage sim wants to start independently from the start, they can. From Create A Sim, you can have an all-teen household if you wish; it is not necessary to make an adult sim to accompany them.

The same is true for teenagers who currently live with their parents or other adults. You can choose to separate them from their current home and live alone if you wish. Just select the teen family member you want to move and go to their phone. In the phone options, select “leave home and move”.


You can then choose whether they go on their own or bring someone else with them. Interestingly, you can also choose how much of the household money you want to withdraw. This means you can completely wipe out mom and dad’s bank account if you want. What cruelty!

We are not sure why The Sims 4 allows teens to live on their own, but it’s something you can do. This at least makes for more interesting storytelling. Remember that teenagers still need to go to school rather than work, so paying household bills without cheating can be tricky.

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