Bizarre Sims 4 Cheat turns a toddler into a mailbox

Thanks to a bizarre cheat in The Sims 4, a player’s in-game toddler has undergone an unfortunate transformation that has replaced the toddler’s head with a letterbox.

A The Sims 4 player accidentally turned his toddler’s head into a mailbox through a series of bizarre events. The Sims The game is no stranger to weird bugs and glitches, with the most recent coming with the new high school update and aging Sims extremely quickly. These bugs generally create entertaining experiences for players, while others can be game-changing and frustrating. Although EA is doing its best to fix these issues, players may get frustrated with the issues and turn away from the game for a while.


Since 2014, The Sims 4 has had countless updates and fixes added to the game. Recently, the title has added the Express Delivery, which can include new items and clothes, as well as in-game fixes. These deliveries can be automatic or only updated. updated when approved, which is useful for players with mods. While these fixes are helpful, some players are turning to modding in order to create more complex stories and add more depth to the game. While EA’s new modding policy for The Sims 4 may discourage fans from creating new mods, existing ones are game changers and sometimes even fix the game.

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Reddit user Voldarian_Empire recently found a weird cheat left in The Sims Games. Their toddler had a giant mailbox for a head and ran around the house taking the oddly proportioned mailbox with her. This feature is known as the “Set as Head” feature, which is a cheat left over from the developers. To activate this cheat on the computer, a player must type “testingcheats true” into the cheat box (Shift-CTRL-C) and then Shift-click on the object they wish to set as their head. This player chose to set the toddler’s head as a mailbox, which is hilarious in part because the mailbox is pretty huge. This cheat can be used with almost any household item, but mailboxes and chairs seem to be the most popular.

Mailbox for toddlers in The Sims 4

There are many cheats which are included in The Sims and each is always entertaining. Some of the common ones are very useful, like money cheats or needs cheats, while others are just plain weird, like “Set As Head”. Money cheats allow players to give their Sims a financial boost to buy items to develop their skills or just for the fun of making their Sim a millionaire. These are proven by many sims players and have been included in games since the very beginning.

The antics of sims players will never get old, and that’s one of the things that makes the sims endearing community for so many people. From building a giant toilet bowl to killing Sims to taking on wild challenges, The Sims player imaginations will never be anything less than amazing. With the cheats fans can use and all the mods created, there’s so much for any fan of The Sims 4 discover.

Source: Voldarian_Empire/Reddit

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