Best The Sims 4 mods to customize Copperdale High School

Many The Sims 4 players wanted the ability to play through their Sims children and teenagers going to school. Several mods have been created to give players this type of content, and now with The Sims 4: High School Years, players will officially be able to experience their teenage Sims in high school. Players will be able to accompany their teenage Sims as they attend Copperdale High, which is located on a physical lot in the game.

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It’s the first time a high school in the franchise hasn’t been a rabbit hole or an off-screen event. As with the other batches of The Sims 4, they can be modified; even bundles used in active careers with “bb.enablefreebuild” free build cheat. It is assumed that the free build cheat will also work with Copperdale High, allowing players to make modifications or even completely customize the high school.

9 Science Room Set

In The Sims 4: High School Years, teen Sims will be able to take classes in a variety of subjects. And while it’s unconfirmed if there will be a science topic, Aroundthesims’ Science Room set makes a great addition to any classroom.

Small collection composed mainly of decoration, the desk that accompanies it is functional. And for people who only want similish in their games, the periodic table of elements that comes with the set is translated into similish.

8 School set

Severinka’s school set may feature child Sims, but this amazing set would also be useful for teenage Sims. The set has a science class theme, with chemical tubes, beakers and a periodic table included in its decor.

In total, there are 19 new The Sims 4 items, which also include a desk and chair set and a school board. Sims can’t write on the school board, but it functions as a working mirror, so at the very least they can improve their social skills.

seven Get the Schooled Cafeteria Set

There are many ways to play The Sims 4, even when it comes to the style and aesthetics of the game. There are those who love the original clay-like cartoon aesthetic of the game, and they are called Maxis-Match players. Those who like a slightly more realistic look and detail-oriented style are called Alpha drives, and those who like to combine elements of the first two are Maxis-Mix drives.

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For Alpha players looking to customize their high schools, Kresten 22’s “Get Schooled Cafeteria” set is something to consider. This is a conversion of his set of The Sims 2 and includes deco vending machines, food trays, deco food and a sign.

6 School Posters

For gamers who only want Similish in their games, these Hula-Zombie Simlish School Posters are something to consider. There are 12 samples in total, and they promote various school activities and events that might take place in a typical high school.

There’s a poster for Prom, there’s a poster for American football, and there’s even one for different clubs, like the Drama club. These posters will go great with the posters that come with Sims 4: High School Years.

5 Everything and nothing

Copperdale High appears to be inspired by American/Western style schools. For players who want their classrooms modeled differently, the Garden Breeze Odds & Ends set has just what they need.

The set includes a pair of school desks and chairs inspired by the desks used in Japanese primary and secondary schools. The desk is filed under the dining tables and the chair under the dining chairs, but can still be used like any other desk and desk chair in the game.

4 Game day set

The Sims 4: High School Years The expansion pack introduces American football to the game and will allow teenage Sims to participate in cheerleading. If it is possible to add other sports activities to the game’s high school curriculum, players can add basketball and use Virtual Vanity’s Game Day Set.

The Game Day set is everything a player could need to create their own school basketball court. It includes decoration elements based on 4 of the other worlds and 4 mascots. There are no decorative items with the Copperdale High name yet, but they can still be used for storytelling purposes.

3 School accessories

Another set made by Aroundthesims, its school accessory set contains many decorative elements that will give any teenager a studious look and feel. Inspired by Zerbu’s “Got to School” mod, the accessories were designed for kid Sims, but can also work for teen Sims.

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It includes notebooks and ring binders, grammar and math homework with different samples, and stationery like tape and highlighters. None of these items are functional, but they can be used to enhance the academic ambiance of any classroom.

2 School themed vector posters

You can never have too many posters, and the SimSaurus School Themed Vector Posters would be a perfect fit for any school setting. Using the Henry Puffer poster as a base, SimSaurus created a poster with 70 different samples based on posters that could be found plastered on the high school walls.

There’s a lot of science-related stuff that would work well in a lab, a lot of sports-related stuff based on real-life sports team mascots.

1 School furniture and decoration

Severinka has another school set called School Furniture and Decoration. This set is designed for a high school class and includes 12 new items. Most of the items are cabinets that have all been split open, so players can decorate the interior and surfaces with any decor, like books.

The set also included a chair and desk combo, as well as geographical maps. The cards contain English words, so they might not appeal to players who have similish-only decks.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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