Best Sims 4 mods: Wonderful Quirks, MC Command and more Sims 4 mods

The Sims 4 doesn’t just offer a slew of expansion packs, games, and items, all designed to expand your gameplay and give you access to new experiences for your Sims. It also has a thriving modding community that offers players new content, cheats and shortcuts, and a whole bunch of playable experiences and encounters that Maxis hasn’t officially made available.

From utility and construction mods to new ways to start a business, go to school, or go on vacation, and with a little bad stuff in between, these are the best Sims 4 mods we’ve ever tested.

TL; DR – These are the best Sims 4 mods

Slice of Life Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Personality Mod: Slice of Life

Although Maxis lets you assign likes/dislikes and traits to your individual Sims, your Sims still become predictable after a while. That’s why we love the Slice of life so many mods. Consisting of a base mod and five mod packs that add new dimensions to your Sims’ personality, social life, appearance, and memory, it makes things much more interesting by making your characters less computer generated and more like real people.

Wonderful Quirks Sims 4 Mods

Best Sims 4 Social/Relationships Mod: Wonderful Whims

Dating and relationships in Sims 4 feel simulated, superficial and rudimentary, so we’re grateful for Wonderful whims adding complexity. This mod focuses on dating, relationships, and pregnancy, letting you set everything from traits your Sims will find attractive for their sexual and dating preferences to birth control. With it, dating in The Sims 4 will feel much more like real-world dating (minus online dating).

Go to School Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 School Mod: Go to School

Finally, young Sims won’t just be sent to an off-screen location and come back with homework to do. the Go to school mod is decently involved. Much like the Get to Work expansion pack, you must complete specific school-related tasks like asking questions and playing instruments to reach your performance “quota”. You can even choose your school buildings from the gallery and upgrade as you see fit.

Mods Live In Business Sims 4

Best Work Mod Sims 4: Live In Business

If you’ve found the business side of Get to Work lacking, you’re not alone, that’s why Living in business might be our favorite working mod (although there are some other awesome ones like the Work from home mods). Although it can be a bit more complex, this mod allows you to get your home on whether you’re opening a cafe, bar or club, or opening a daycare or gym.

The Explorer Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Activities Mod: The Exploration Module

Going on vacation in The Sims can be a lot more complicated than you’d like. So if you want a more passive role in your characters’ journeys, the Explore the module is a nice little addition. You can send them on a nice cruise, a beach vacation or a trip to a theme park, or get them a driver’s license for quick jaunts around town where they can watch a movie, go shopping or eat out.

Better Build/Buy Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Build Mod: Better Build/Buy

Better build/buy can be one of the slightly more complicated mods to set up, but it’s worth the few extra steps. This makes building much easier, giving you access to hidden Sims 4 items that you would normally have to work harder for or use a cheat to get. It also comes with other features, from expanding your build catalog from two to five rows, cloning objects without restrictions, and finding items more easily by their technical tags.

Best Sims 4 Pets Mod: Playable Pets

Maxis/EA has dropped some of the more active features of Sims 3: Pets, but the playable animals is here to the rescue. It’s one of the simpler mods on this list – in that it has fewer features – but it does what it’s supposed to do: make cats and dogs playable again so you can , to some extent, control what they do.

Command Center MC Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Utility Mod: MC Command Center

the MC Command Center might just be the most important Sims 4 mod ever. This mod gives you access to a new, respectably sized settings menu where you can tweak and toggle everything from changing job age and setting age ranges to cleaning up details, fine-tuning your Sims’ appearance and even setting your days to be longer. In fact, if you’re a bit of a control freak, you’ll appreciate being able to control just about any Sims, even the ones you don’t actually play.

Meaningful Stories Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Life Mod: Meaningful Stories

Life is not just about going to school, finding a job, getting married and having children. It’s about the complexities in between, and Meaningful Stories adds that dimension to the game. This will allow you to switch between emotion, happiness, and other cues so you can make things more realistic whether it means your Sims mood lasts longer or doesn’t reach happiness only when they experience things that are truly worth being happy about.

Life Tragedies Sims 4 Mod

Best Sims 4 Bad Stuff Mod: Tragedies of Life

Maxis/EA has reduced the bad stuff in Sims 4 drastically. Maybe it’s for a good reason, as some of these things can trigger players. At the same time, it also made the game quite vanilla. If you want to make things much more interesting, a touch of drama from the tragedies of life mods should do the trick. Be careful though: beyond your Sims contracting a fatal disease and getting hit by a car, you’ll find darker offerings. Only commit if you can handle it.

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