Best Mods That Improve Kids Play

Children are an integral part of The Sims 4, yet the things the player can do with it aren’t as varied as one might think. The game has many strong points, but its long-time players have found that it could improve in certain aspects. For example, school life and the aspirations of children are to some extent limiting.

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Fortunately, many creative gamers have come up with mods that address this issue and provide richer, more realistic child gameplay. From new school interactions to updated personality traits to a wider selection of hobbies, these mods help dramatically improve kids’ play in The Sims 4.

Updated on January 8, 2022 by Anastasia Maillot: Despite years of development, children remain one of the most disappointing aspects of The Sims 4. deep, meaningful and immersive.

While EA may be neglecting child Sims, the modding community certainly isn’t. These fantastic kids game mods in The Sims 4 making family gameplay so much more engaging, realistic and wholesome.

13 Allocation

The Sims 4 Allocation Module

To get children used to managing money, some families could set up a system of allowances. This is also possible in The Sims 4 thanks to this allocation mod. Players can arrange for children in the family of the household to receive a weekly allowance of a specific amount.

Even better, the allowance will depend on the child’s academic success and good behavior. The allowance is stored in a separate money account, further increasing the immersion of this mod.


12 Spend the weekend with

The Sims 4 spend the weekend with the mod

Those playing a Legacy might like the idea of ​​sending their family’s kids off for the weekend to visit their grandparents, for example. However, playing this separately doesn’t really have the same effect, as it forces players to play on weekends as a kid, which becomes tedious.

This module allows players to simply call a family member, or anyone really, to pick up someone from the household. They can then stay indefinitely and will be added to that household’s list until they return. It’s definitely a great game mod for kids in The Sims 4 for those who want to focus a bit on other members of the household.

11 Adult skills for children

The Sims 4 Childish Writing

There are a ton of skills that kids The Sims 4 just don’t have access to it until they get older. That’s not realistic, however, because many of these “adult” skills like fishing are actually very doable for kids to learn in real life.

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Adult Skills mod for kids corrects this oversight in the game. This game mod for kids in The Sims 4 allows children to access all the skills of adults, while developing children’s unique skills in play. Learning instruments, writing, video games and even robotics are now also very possible for the children.

ten Host family

The Sims 4 Foster Family Mod

A thing that is dull in The Sims 4 is the variety of family types players can have. Foster families simply aren’t a thing in the game unless players simulate it using the adoption system.

The foster family mod allows players to favor not only toddlers and children, but also pets. This is a fantastic mod and quite immersive and user-friendly for players who want to play out those foster family stories in a realistic way.

9 Grow Aspiration

Many people may not know what they want to focus on in their future when they are still kids. This is why the aspirations of the children of The Sims 4 may seem a bit narrow and limiting. They usually focus on developing one skill, such as artistic abilities or athleticism. The Grow Aspiration Mod fix that.

If the player gives this aspiration to a child Sim, they will be required to develop multiple skills instead of just one. Plus, they even get valuable aspiration points for doing their homework, which always comes in handy.

8 Private school

The Sims 4 Private School Mod

All the children of The Sims 4 visit public schools. While it gives them an equal chance, it’s not as fun from a gameplay standpoint. Fortunately, this mod brings in private schools. If parents want their children to study in a private school, they are going to have to make serious efforts.

For example, parents will have to build a good relationship with the school principal, who will judge them before allowing the child to enter the school. This mod brings a new challenge to the game for kids and parents.

seven Child spellcasters can use magic

For The Sims 4 gamers who love Harry Potter and want to have their own wizarding child, this mod gives them the ability to achieve this. Under normal circumstances, children cannot use magic in the game, even when they are spellcasters, just like their parents. They must wait until adolescence, and only then can they begin to use magic.

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This game mod for kids in The Sims 4 also allows children to use magic. They can’t do everything adult spellcasters are capable of, but the range of their powers is still wide enough to allow for fun play with young wizards.

6 Random traits and aspirations

Features of The Sims 4 Kids

In the game, players choose the aspirations and character traits that children will have when they grow old, from toddlers to children. But players who would like to randomize the process can use this mod.

The child will get randomly chosen traits as well as a random aspiration. As a result, the child may be very different from his parents, which will lead to interesting interactions. This mod also adds more realism to the game since, in real life, parents cannot choose what their children will look like and what they will want to do.

5 Sleepover

The Sims 4 Sleepover mod

Many children like to have sleepovers with their friends. Sadly, The Sims 4 did not include this event, but a mod adds it. It allows children to organize a new event: a pajama party with their friends. This not only allows children to have more fun, but also to build better friendships with other children.

Plus, even toddlers can have sleepovers. Unlike children, however, parents of toddlers will have to organize the event for their little ones.

4 Children can walk the dogs

The ISms 4 brindleton bay cats and dogs

Caring for a pet as a young child is a good way to learn more responsibility. Again The Sims 4 does not allow children to walk their family dogs. A mod exists that gives children the ability to walk their dogs.

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Dog walking helps build the relationship between child and pet. It also gives parents a little more alone time, as they might appreciate having their child help them take care of their family dog. It also helps kids get extra responsibility points by walking their dogs!

3 After school activities

The Sims 4 Sim plays football

In The Sims 4, children usually go to school, they come back from school and do their homework or other things around the house. A few extensions let kids participate in extracurricular activities, but the choices are slim. This module gives kids a wider variety of activities they can spend their school time on. They can join extracurricular organizations, learn new things, and work on making friends.

For example, children can become cheerleaders, play various sports, join a chess club or a drama club. There are well over 30 activities, so every player (and child Sim) will find something they enjoy doing.

2 Children can ride a bike

The Sims 4 bikes for kids mod

Another hobby that kids can’t do in The Sims 4 rides a bike. This module repairs them and gives children the opportunity to have fun riding their bikes. Not only does the mod make them happier, but it also lets them do something good for their health.

Once the child gets on a bike, the player then chooses where to ride. It’s that simple.

1 school at home

The Sims 4 homeschool mod

Going to school can be amazing, but it’s not for everyone. Not all children feel challenged at school or can find friends easily. This module takes this into consideration and allows both children and teenagers to be homeschooled.

This will give the family the flexibility to design their own schedule to some extent. It also means that the child will be physically much more present in the household than before. As a result, the player will have more fun playing with the young Sim character.

The Sims 4 was released on September 2, 2014 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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