Best Gallery Builds So Far

It’s officially been a month since the release of The Sims 4the latest expansion pack from, Eco Lifestyle. With the new expansion, amazing new bundles have been created by the community and shared in-game on the gallery for all Simmers to enjoy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite green new builds to share with you. Here are ten of the best Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle gallery builds we could find!

Best Gallery Builds for Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

“Eco Container Restaurant” by Riemunen

If you’re looking for a new restaurant for your Sims’ community, look no further! Goes here to see this eco-responsible restaurant.

“Eco Tiny House Community” by AvelineYT

Sims Eco Lifestyle best gallery

This lot is particularly unique because it incorporates a “community” aspect. Pair up a few Sims and move them into this lot – they can each have a home! Take a look at this awesome build here.

“Eco-Modern Containers” by Wooldrop

Sims Eco Lifestyle best gallery

If you’re a fan of the modern yet eco-friendly look, then this house is perfect for your Sims! To get a better view of this cool house, go here.

Canal Corner Reno by paulpancake

Everyone loves a cheap yet good looking starter home, and this one ticks all those boxes and more! To check out some of the other great releases from this creator, click here.

“Prefab Family House” by Ellieville

This home is simply stunning and displays its eco-friendly design quite well. For a better idea of ​​this beautiful house, click here.

Best Gallery Builds for Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Eco Family Home by simlicy

The light and bright colors of this home will bring even more positivity to the healthy environment your Sim will strive to create. To see this beautiful family home, look here.

Modern wooden eco style by flossy1990

This modern and luxurious construction is the dream home of many Sims. To better see this modern house, go here.

“シEco Lifestyle Tiny” by 96LangerLui99

Sims Eco Lifestyle best gallery

What could be better than an ecological field? A very small ecological field! Check out this Simmer home and others here.

Ecological Lifestyle by SarahAmina

Sims Eco Lifestyle best gallery

This version is so unique that we had to include it here. See this special home and others like it here.

Hogan’s Eco Eatery by SarahLaCroix

Sims Eco Lifestyle best gallery

Another place to grab a bite to eat for your Sims. You can check out this cute diner style restaurant here.

Now that you’ve seen what the first month of Eco Lifestyle has brought to the Gallery, go ahead and create your own or download some of these amazing bundles for your Sims!

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