Behind The Sims Summit ‘didn’t represent’ players, says EA’s apology

EA has apologized to The Sims community after acknowledging that its recent Behind The Sims Summit did not feature broad enough representation for the game of life‘s Black Creators during its creator segments. The event, held on October 18, featured the revelation of The Sims 5 as Project Renewhile detailing some of the future The Sims 4 Expansion Packs players can look forward to.

The creator of The Sims Ebonix, who is also co-founder of Black Twitch UK, caught on Twitter to express their disappointment that the creator reel featuring some of the leading members of the Sims creative community only featured one black creator, Stephen ‘SpringSims’ Works. Many other creators are echoing their frustrations, leading to a response from EA on The Sims’ official Twitter account.

Speaking directly to Ebonix, the account tweet“You are right in your frustrations, and we let you down. We owe it to you and each of our black creators and players to ensure that you are seen and celebrated for all that you bring to The Sims. The account also posted a statement as a public quote tweet from the original Ebonix thread, indicating that “Our creator segments at the Behind The Sims Summit did not accurately represent our vast community of gamers.”

EA goes on to say that “Black Simmers deserve to feel seen in everything we do at The Sims, so we hold ourselves accountable for this mistake and better move on.” Ebonix addresses the response, say that “Accountability is the first step, but we know accountability without action is just sold dreams. The voices I’ve heard coming from the community ring clear. There needs to be real, meaningful action. Not provoked by these circumstances. We’ll see!”

Other creators echo the need for further action. Hannah ‘lomadia’ Rutherford, Twitch Ambassador adds“I see black creators constantly busting their ass for your game – and they’ve been doing it for years. It’s mostly how I follow Sims news. The fact that you missed it in 2022 and during Black History Month in the UK is mind-boggling. Other fans ask EA hire more black creators and marketing members on its team, and to consider introduce more cultural elements into The Sims to represent areas such as African culture.

During our Interview The Sims: Rene Project, executive producer Phill Ring explains that the team is always asking, “How can we make players feel more connected to the Sims they create?” He points out his excitement that “players are so excited that they can create themselves, they can create their friends, they can create the world around them.” The community, it seems, is more eager than ever to make sure EA follows through on that promise. In conclusion, Ebonix shared a Petition asking EA to “improve black representation and recognize black culture in The Sims 4”.

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