Answering All The Sims 2 Fears Can’t Bring Down A Good Sim

The Sims 2 scares are just one of the ways the life simulation represents your character’s many desires – specifically, their desires that things not happen. The Wants and Fears system – often referred to as SWAF – gives your Sims up to three simultaneous fears, such as being unlucky in love or not being able to pay their The Sims Rent. Much like Wishes, these will rotate over time unless manually locked by the player – but if fulfilled, your Sim will face a hefty penalty to their aspiration bar.

Under normal circumstances, fears are things to avoid. However, one adventurous YouTuber has taken it upon himself to create the worst possible life for an unfortunate Sim, striving to fulfill all of his fears for his entire life – and beyond. Call Me Kevin proudly proclaims that “I’ve done everything my Sim feared his whole life.”

Things start badly, with Kevin’s bad experience dealing with daily traumas such as repeatedly getting rejected on dates and eating moldy sandwiches with his partner on their dirty couch. As her life spirals out of control, her unwanted child attempts to clean up the mess. Things take a rather dark turn, however, when the Sim begins to worry about the potential death of their partner, Nina. Fortunately, Nina seems to have a desire to be struck by lightning.

Despite this, Nina proves to be relatively hardy, and Kevin’s Sim seems to be relatively successful at his job. Kevin turns to the old “remove the pool ladder” to put a final nail in Nina’s coffin, but even that doesn’t seem to dampen his Sim’s mood – who seems surprisingly resilient as his needs are usually satisfied with all the moldy bread and his burgeoning career in the paralegal business.

Eventually, an unfortunate conflagration in the kitchen ends the poor soul’s time on this deadly plane prematurely – but it’s not long before Kevin brings him and his wife back as zombies. Surprisingly, even that doesn’t seem to lower his mood as much as expected, showing that Sims can be a surprisingly tough guy.

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