All possible ways to kill a Sim

It’s no secret that The Sims 4 Made it too hard to kill Sims. The chances of a Sim dying by fire or drowning, for example, aren’t that high. It may sound weird, but some players actually want to kill a certain Sim for many reasons; story progression, Sim is boring, and many more.

The most common deaths in The Sims 4 are those related to everyday real-life activities, such as getting burned alive by a cheap stove or being electrocuted too many times. Meanwhile, the rare deaths are extremely unexpected. For example, a Sim could be killed by a wild rabbit or run over under a vending machine. Read on to find out all the ways to kill Sims in The Sims 4.


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How to Kill a Sim in The Sims 4

some of the ways to kill a sim in the sims 4

There are currently 30 methods available to kill a Sim in The Sims 4. Some are normal, others are temporary.

line The description
Consumed by mother By solving the mystery of Strangerville, Sims can be killed by the Mother Plant. The needs of these Ghosts do not degrade.
Death by anger These Sims were so angry they had a stroke and died. Living Sims will earn an Angry Moodlet in their presence.
Death by beetles This death is the fastest. Players won’t even get the chance to plead with Grim Reaper. It is caused by drinking three beetle juice drinks.
Died from being crushed by a Murphy bed Sims got crushed by a Murphy bed after trying to put it down too many times. They get their energy from owning other Sims.
Death by swarm of flies In Eco Lifestyle, Simmers can bond with flies. If it goes wrong, they will be eaten alive. Flies will stay around that Sim even after they die.
Death by Cowplant An adult Cowplant can eat Sims, thereby killing them. When these ghosts are angry, they can kill plants.
Death by drowning By swimming tired or building a fence around the pool, Sims drown. These Ghosts are afraid of water and form puddles when they move.
Death by electrocution Repairing electrical objects while standing in a puddle or with low handling skill will cause Sims to die from electrocution. They can break objects by possessing them.
Death by embarrassment These Sims were Mortified before they died, they will even remain Embarrassed after death.
Death by falling from a height If Sims tried to climb without equipment, without necessary preparations and in bad weather, there is a high chance that they would fall and die.
Death by fire Fire hazards are very common; either by cooking on a cheap stove without skill, or by placing a carpet near a lit fireplace. After death, they can set objects on fire.
death by the flowers Creating a Deathflower arrangement (or a normal arrangement with the Deathflower scent) will age Sims. For example, a toddler will become a child, while a child will become a teenager. During this time, the elders will die as this is the last stage of their life.
Death by freezing Swimming or wearing light clothing in very cold weather can freeze Sims to death. These ghosts can chill hot Sims or kill them by freezing them.
Died from starvation Players can remove all food sources and starve their Sim to death. After death, Hunger needs to decompose faster and can eat even when full.
Death by a killer chicken Repeatedly use the Mischievous or Mean interactions with Chicken until it attacks the Sims. If they survived the attack, repeat the steps until they are dead.
Death by Killer Rabbit Killed by a wild rabbit using the steps mentioned above but on a rabbit.
Death by laughter If the Sim is very playful and after a while they become hysterical, they will die laughing. Nearby Sims will receive a playful moodlet when in Ghost’s presence.
Death by lightning When there is a thunderstorm, if the Sim is struck by lightning too many times, they will die.
Death by old age These Sims lived their full lives and died a normal death. They nap most of the time as ghosts.
Death by overwork If the Elders continue courting or exercising when they are tired, they will die of overwork.
Death from overheating During a heat wave, Simmers can force their Sim to wear heavy clothing and warm up on a fireplace. This will lead to their death. After death, they warm up cold Sims or kill them by overheating them.
Death by poison While exploring a jungle, Sims can be poisoned by many things like spiders and scorpions. If players don’t heal them immediately, they will die. These ghosts often burp, causing Sims around them to pass out
Death by puffer fish If Sims had a low cooking skill and crafted a Pufferfish Nigiri, there is a 50% chance they will die from poisoning.
Death by rabid rodent fever Sims can be bitten by a rodent. If they are not treated, they will die of a disease. These ghosts will look like a giant rodent.
Death by caster overload Spellcasters who continue to perform spells while their meter is full will die from overload. Spellcasters will retain their abilities even after death.
Death by steam After the Supreme Steaming Moodlet while in the Sauna, if players force their Sim to stay they will eventually die from the steam.
dead in the sun Vampires will die if left in the sun too long.
Death by vending machine These Sims got run over by a vending machine because they kept shaking it and climbing on it until it fell on top of them.
Horrible consequences A negative effect of drinking the potion of immortality and Sims will become a ghost for 24 hours.
Night spectrum If spellcasters are cursed and often fail to remove the curse, a spooky ghost called Night Wraith will haunt them and reduce their needs. It can also spawn using cheats.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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