A Star Wars fan builds a Millennium Falcon house in The Sims 4

A Sims 4 content creator has built Han Solo’s famous ship, the Millennium Falcon, in-game, allowing fan Sims to live in the “piece of junk” ship.

A The Sims 4 content creator and star wars fan built a habitable Millennium Falcon home in the game.

Beccascreations posted her build on her YouTube channel, along with a 26-minute video showing how she made the Millennium Falcon a home in The Sims 4 and its various inspirations and DLCs used. Although a miniature of the ship is available for purchase in-game, Beccascreations wanted to try and build as accurate and habitable a version of the Millennium Falcon as possible. The full video can be seen below.

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The result is remarkably accurate, thanks in large part to Beccascreations’ attention to detail. For example, the house portion of the ship contains a ladder leading to the roof rather than stairs, adding to the realism of the structure as a stationary ship. To get the authentic star wars flavor, Beccascreations used items and build options for the Game Pack, Trip to Batuu. Players wishing to live in the Millennium Falcon as Beccascreations created it will need multiple expansion, game, and item packs to cover all of the content used. Apart Trip to Batuuthese included Living in a cottage, Seasons, Set to work, Strangertown, Kinship, good knitter and laundry day.

Fan-made creations like Beccascreations’ Millennium Falcon have grown in popularity in the eight years since. The Sims 4 first launched. This is partly due to The Sims 4 Gallery, which allows players to upload their creations for others to use as DLC. However, another more pressing reason is the sporadic and increasingly expensive release of official DLC by The Sims 4.

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Many fans began to express their frustration and anger at the management The Sims 4 took with its DLC releases, which to some seem to be more about making a profit than adding substantial content for its fans. The recent reveal of two kits that will be released later in May has sparked much of this controversy. Players pointed out how almost everything in both The Sims 4 The kits could have appeared in previous expansion or game packs or combined with the unnamed game due in June for an actual expansion pack. Others are hoping for the addition of long-requested content, like a Werewolf Sim life state.

Beccascreations Millennium Falcon can be downloaded from the Gallery by searching for its EA ID. The Sims 4 is available to play now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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