A Sims fan is building a complete Polly Pocket house (and you can download it now)

A dedicated fan has recreated the iconic Bluebird Polly Pocket flapper from the 90s in The Sims 4 and it’s available for everyone to download.

Polly Pocket fans can now live out their 90s dream with a The Sims. The Sims has been a creative outlet for fans for many years. Players can express themselves in many ways, whether through character creation, the stories they play out, or the builds they make. One fan even built a perfect sims replica of the the island of love Villa so others can recreate the show with their own Sims.

There are many building options in the game, and players have spent years perfecting their craft. With the help of custom content and a few tricks, almost anything is possible, and over the years more awesome and amazing versions have been presented. Many of these are also available for other players to download and modify to fit their vision for their Sim’s home. From mansions to dorms to completely empty shells that players can decorate themselves, these houses have a wide variety of styles and quirks that can be turned into the perfect playhouse for someone. One fan even built a toilet house dedicated to torturing Sims to keep up the longstanding tradition of players killing their Sims in the most absurd ways.


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twitter user TheKateEmerald shared his perfect build of the iconic Polly Pocket house from the 90s. This specific build is based on the popular Polly Pocket cases that came with tiny figures that were sometimes transformed into much larger and more defined figures, perhaps be because of the choking hazard they could cause. She clarified that it was inspired by Bluebird Polly Pockets from 1989-1998, before Mattel bought the brand. TheKateEmerald also shared her video of the build on YouTube and shared some techniques she used to make the build look right. Like that animal crossing Crossover Polly Pocket, the nostalgia for this version is strong for fans who have played The Sims since the beginning, and because of that, the version of KateEmerald has almost 300 downloads in The Sims Gallery after only a few days of being up.

Polly Pocket meets The Sims in a perfect build

As mentioned earlier, this version of Polly Pocket is available for players to download in The Sims gallery, but before doing so, it is important to check if you have the right packs for this version. While the gallery version has no mods or CCs, KateEmerald uses items from specific packs in order to achieve a perfect build. This build uses items from almost all Stuff Packs and even some items from newer ones The Sims Expansion pack for high school years. Ensuring the correct packs are purchased before downloading this build will save players a lot of time and disappointment when they place the build in their game and it doesn’t look the same.

The Sims players don’t lack for creativity when it comes to their builds, and this Polly Pocket is a perfect example of how awesome it can be. Over the years, many gamers have shared their love of creating artwork with other fans and even inspired each other to build bigger and better houses and places every time. There is even a full Dusk leisure in The Sims that fans worked on together. It is likely that there will be many more impressive constructions in The Sims for many years to come.

Source: TheKateEmerald/Twitter, Kate Emerald/YouTube

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