A Dead By Daylight Dating Sims

Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator is a rather ironic game where four of the original killers of Dead in broad daylight can be romanticized. There’s The Trapper, The Spirit, The Wraith, and The Huntress, with The Trickster appearing occasionally. There are also survivors, Dwight and Claudette, who are there to keep everyone on track and help the player out when possible.

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Despite the tropical paradise setting and charming art style that transforms the killers from “scary” to “scary hot”, a bad ending awaits those who don’t make an impression on their killer choice. But as long as the player keeps certain things in mind, he will steal the hearts of the Killers.


6 Choose who to romance and stick with them

In some dating sims, it’s possible to play the field and get a feel for each romantic option before deciding who to pursue. This won’t work in Hooked On You, as none of the killers will have any romantic interest in the player if they don’t spend enough time with them.

The only exception to this rule is Trickster which isn’t really a romance option. It has a secret bonus ending that can be obtained after unlocking the other eight killer endings.

5 Choose by personality, not just looks

The Slayers’ first encounter and the quiz given at the start of the game give a little insight into the personality, likes and dislikes of each of the Slayers.

Once the player chooses one of the Slayers’ favorite locations, they must choose that location again on the second day to stay on one of the Slayers’ Romantic Routes. For those who don’t want to romance killers, playing the field is a good way to get Friends Forever’s ending.

4 Opposites don’t attract

No Killer has one course that is particularly easier or more difficult than the other. Players are free to romance them in any order they wish, what matters is player preference. Each killer provides a unique gameplay experience as their personalities make them want different things. It’s apparent early on that Trapper is the baddest of the four and delights in cruelty, which also extends to people being cruel to him. The Trapper’s Route is a good starting point for players who want to play jerk.

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Spirit’s personality will appeal to Goths and those who don’t like (or don’t want to) be social. She’s not mean at the trapper level, but she doesn’t go out of her way to be nice. Huntress is more approachable than Spirit and Trapper, and for those who like the idea of ​​having a big family, Huntress is the romantic option to go. Just make sure you don’t tease her or show her weakness. Wraith is the nicest of the bunch, but his most defining personality trait is how clumsy he is. Players have to be nice to be on his good side, which is good for Dwight and Claudette.

3 Mini games

In addition to answering multiple-choice questions, the gameplay consists of mini-games and a few quizzes. The mini-games are played using a spinning wheel and the objective is to stop the wheel at the right place. Whether it’s slicing meat, playing a deadly game of hide and seek, or playing corn hole with skulls, it’s important to do well in every minigame.

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A high score on minigames will win a lot of approval from all killers. The wheel spins faster with each turn, making it harder to land in the right spot. fans of Dead in broad daylight will recognize the mechanics of the mini-game as being the same as those used for generator skill checks.

2 Quiz

The nature of the quizzes will change depending on who is being romanced. With some quizzes, a few wrong answers won’t ruin the player’s chances of dating the killer of their choice.

And with others, every answer must be correct or the player will end up on the wrong side of one of the killer’s weapons. Many quizzes rely on understanding the type of person the player’s chosen killer is, and others rely on knowing the main series. Dead in broad daylight.

1 Don’t take it too seriously

In all, Hooked on You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator is a funny little dating sim that feels like a love letter from the Dead in broad daylight developers to the community. The game doesn’t take itself seriously, but it has its touching moments here and there that will make the player care for their killer of choice. The game was designed for fans of the series, but people who have never played it Dead in broad daylight front can enjoy it as well, although they won’t get all the inside jokes and some references made.

Each route takes just over an hour to complete the first time played and can get repetitive as you try to get the wrong endings for each of the killers. One way to make it easier to replay routes is to save the game right before the player confesses their love. Use this save file after you get a good ending, then reject the killer’s love, break his heart, and get his bad ending.

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