A Complete Pleasant Family History

When The Sims 2 came out, Maxis added a new feature called Scripted Events to its core game families. The scripted events were meant to teach players some of the new gameplay mechanics, like infidelity, affairs, aspiration failure, and more.

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These events could (and often were) dramatic, but one family stands out among the rest for their treacherous introduction: The Pleasant Family. Despite their name, there’s a lot going on with this family, and most of it is pretty nasty. Between four Sims games and many iterations, here is a complete history of the Pleasant family.


ten Not so pleasant

The Pleasant family surname is both a misnomer and a bit indicative of what to expect when playing the family. Their family biography exposes the not so pleasant truth behind this family: things are not what they seem. Daniel and Mary-Sue’s relationship is in shambles; Daniel cheats on their maid, Kalyn Langerak, and Mary-Sue spends so much time working that she has no time for her family. Angela and Lilith’s relationships – with their parents or with each other – aren’t any better, and they spend more time fighting than doing anything else.

The Sims 1 and The Sims 3 paint a rosier picture of the good life for Daniel and Mary-Sue, but when the twins return in The Sims 4, their sibling rivalry follows them. At least, sort of; technically they are friends, but the tradition of their family biography continues the rivalry.

9 A lot in a name

The names of many family members have their own meanings. Daniel Pleasant’s grandparents are Les and Kynda Pleasant, aka “Less” and “Kind Of”

Daniel’s name comes from a Hebrew phrase that “God is my judge,” which is interesting given his…well, extramarital discretions.

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The name Mary Sue often refers to characters considered too perfect or overpowered to be realistic. And most famously, Angela’s and Lilith’s names derive respectively from “angel” and “from the dark”, which play on their twin “good” and “bad” dynamics.

8 Sims 1: Reach (Sim) Mars

In The Sims, the Pleasants are a family of family trash cans in Ward 1. They’re new to the neighborhood, and Jeff, Diane, Daniel, and Jennifer (who becomes Jennifer Burb in The Sims 2) want to settle into their new lives. . A notable goal was for Jeff Pleasant to want to go to Mars, which is a nod to another Maxis game, SimMars, which was in development at that time. But following the success of The Sims, development of SimMars was put on hold indefinitely and never returned. An adult Daniel in The Sims 2 still retains the “overwhelming guilt” that Jeff never forgot to make that dream come true.

seven Sims 2: a fragile facade

25 years later, The Sims 2 sees the friendly and athletic Pleasant siblings growing up, both married and with families of their own. Daniel married Mary-Sue, and he lives in a real plot of Pleasantview with her and their twins, Angela and Lilith. The twins’ memories indicate that Angela was taught to walk, talk, and toilet trained by her parents, while Lilith was not. Angela also always grew up well, but Lilith grew up badly. This seems to imply that Daniel and Mary-Sue favored Angela over Lilith, but most players think otherwise. One thing Daniel doesn’t like, however, is Angela’s boyfriend, Dustin Broke, so much that they’re actually enemies. Daniel doesn’t seem to care about Lilith’s boyfriend, Dirk, but he certainly doesn’t like her angel Angela dating Pleasantview’s resident bad boy.

6 Sub-Burban Bliss

Jennifer Burb also appears in Pleasantview, but she remains a bin Sim family. In this timeline, however, she is married to John Burb (also of The Sims) and they have a baby girl named Lucy. Unlike her brother, Jennifer’s family life is anything but dramatic

She and John love each other and get along well, and their daughter is a typical, carefree child. But while Daniel lives up to his athletic personality in The Sims 2, Jennifer suddenly has no interest in sports anymore; instead, she enjoys fashion and entertainment and often wishes to work in law or business.

5 Sims 3: The Honeymoon Phase

The Sims 3 timeline technically exists before The Sims 1 and The Sims 2, but each DLC also has its own separate timeline. Newly married Daniel and Mary-Sue are young adults, happily honeymooning in Sunlit Tides (available for purchase from The Sims 3 Store) and enjoying married life before settling down and becoming parents. responsible adults. Mary-Sue is not yet pregnant, and if the player has her and Daniel Try for Baby, she will not automatically have twins unless the player cheats on them. Babies born in the game can be of any gender, but based on Sims’ genetic systems, they’ll likely have black hair and brown eyes, rather than the red hair and green eyes of Angela and Lilith. .

The Pleasants were uploaded to The Sims 4 Gallery in 2019, in honor of The Sims franchise’s 19th anniversary. Here, they best reflected their most infamous Sims 2 selves: Daniel and Mary-Sue were both adults, while Angela and Lilith were teenagers. They were also very faithful to their old characters, except for a few changes to make them compatible with the base game; Mary-Sue wasn’t really a Politician, for example, since Politician was a City Living career not included in the base game. Their family biography is the same as in The Sims 2, which is a nice nostalgic touch.

3 University life and traditions

Angela and Lilith were also featured as young adult townspeople in the Discover University expansion pack, and although Daniel and Mary-Sue didn’t make the cut, they were mentioned in the twins’ biography as the ones who paid for the girls’ house in Britechester. . Both twins attend college, with Angela studying art history at Britechester and Lilith studying villainy at Foxberry.

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Despite their different personalities and styles, Angela and Lilith are actually friends in The Sims 4 and will never fight on their own. They also aren’t dating their Sims 2 partners Dustin Broke and Dirk Dreamer, who both appear in The Sims 4: Get Famous, but players can still reunite them if they wish.

2 Scripted Events

So what’s the scripted event for the Pleasant family, anyway? What about their event that made it a staple in the rest of Sims games? It depends on Daniel and Kaylynn’s affair – a neat and tidy kid in The Sims 3, In The Sims 2, Kaylynn Langerak is Pleasantview’s maid, who also has affairs with Daniel Pleasant and Don Lothario. When you start playing the Pleasant House, everyone except Daniel will conveniently leave for work or school, leaving him alone at home with Kaylynn.

The Sims 2 game guides recommend having Kaylynn and Daniel Make Out or Cuddle in bed until a Chance card appears for Mary-Sue. Unfortunately for her, both options are bad; the result will get her demoted or fired, but either way, she’ll get home sooner. As soon as you click on the Chance card, have Daniel and Kaylynn Woohoo; this moment will mean that Mary-Sue will catch them when she gets home. Mary-Sue, of course, will be furious; she could run out of suction, and her relationship with Daniel will be completely in the red.

1 Pleasantly cordial

Many players have noticed that the Cordial sisters Samantha and Kimberly, resident witches of Belladonna Cove, share some traits with the Pleasant twins. The two sets of sisters are twins with sibling rivalry, one twin (Angela, Samantha) having a “good” and innocent style, and one being more rebellious (Lilith, Kimberly). The origins of Angela’s and Lilith’s names are also tied to the fact that Samantha pursues good magic, while Kimberly pursues the paths of darkness – that trail with Angela and Lilith’s angelic and demonic origins. There are also coincidences in a number of names in this family: their father Danny is reminiscent of Daniel, and their grandparents Sage and Coralia resemble Herb and Coral Oldie.

For many players, however, the real gift is their family biography, which reveals that “Samantha and Kimberly had such a bad sibling rivalry that they were asked to leave the pleasant little town they grew up in.” Pleasantview in a different timeline? It is not clear that they are actually related; many families that come with different expansion packs draw inspiration from the families in the base game (like the Goth-inspired Roths), so that seems to be the case here as well.

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