8 Best Features of Adeepindigo Education Review Module for The Sims 4

In The Sims, there are mods for almost everything. Modders even continue to work on The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, adding and tweaking new features in games that are years or decades old. In The Sims 4, mods tend to improve pre-existing game elements.

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A popular example is Adeepindigo Education Review Mod: Not only does it add new elements to the game’s education system for everyone from toddlers to teenagers, but it also introduces its own new features. From boarding school to new careers, Education Overhaul has something for every young Sim looking for knowledge.


8 career in education

Education Overhaul adds a new branch to the education career, which came with Discover University: K-12 Educator. Because this complements a Discover University career, Sims will need one of the few college degrees to reach the new career branch:

  • The history of art

  • Biology

  • Economy

  • Literature and Languages

  • Physics

  • Psychology

Like in Discover University, you don’t need to have a Distinguished Degree in these subjects to choose the K-12 Educator Branch, but having a Distinguished Degree will still give you a boost for your career and your salary. A new daily task, Research Teaching Methods, will improve a Sim’s work performance, as will new work-from-home tasks such as answering emails, writing reports, and attending meetings.

seven Preschool

Toddlers can now attend kindergarten instead of daycare. Kindergarten lasts about 8 hours every day of the week, and while they are away, their needs will be met and even learn new skills and character values.

While the game automatically brings toddlers to daycare when Sims leave the lot, enrolling in preschool requires clicking on the toddler you want to enroll and doing so manually. Once toddlers are enrolled, they should automatically attend preschool, but canceling preschool interaction on any given day will keep them home.

6 Changes in public schools

Sims are automatically enrolled in public school, just like they are in the vanilla game. Education Overhaul adds new outdoor actions (which you can access by clicking on Sims’ icons when they are not on the lot), increasing or decreasing school performance. Sims can do homework online using a computer, but homework in the in-game homework book has also changed. Now, Sims can work on specific skills and character values ​​by choosing to do homework in particular subjects.

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Custom assignments are also added – these work like the assignments in the Parenthood game pack, where they are assigned randomly. However, these assignments actually count as homework, so completing them will increase academic performance rather than providing additional credits. With Education Overhaul installed, Parenthood projects will be randomly assigned as custom assignments rather than being set every Monday.

5 Detention and field trips

New Away Actions can also earn your Sims After School Detention, which lasts two hours. Detention is generally more likely for students with lower grades. Still, sleeping in class, getting into mischief, and getting caught doing homework (which was supposed to be done the night before) are surefire ways to get your Sims in trouble.

Repeated detentions can even result in your Sims being removed from public school and forced to attend the mod’s new Striker Alternate School. Sometimes Sims will be randomly assigned to a school field trip at the start of the school day. There are six field trip options available, and Sims will spend the entire school day where the field trip takes place.

4 Snow days and summer vacation

With the Seasons Expansion Pack installed, Sims can occasionally experience snow days. In Education Overhaul, snow days are most common in winter, but they can also occur in fall and spring, as long as there is snow on the ground.

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Summer holidays also happen automatically, without having to add them to the calendar. Sims will automatically return to school on the first weekday of fall, but they can be sent back to school early using a phone or computer.

3 Teen Graduation

Sims can now graduate from high school! A teenage Sim will graduate on the last day of their teenage years, and they’ll either wear a gap and gown or military attire, depending on the type of school they attend. If aging is enabled, teenage Sims will become adults after their graduation ceremony.

With aging disabled, you can manually choose to have a graduate Sim, but it will not age a teenage Sim. Sims with high grades can graduate with honors or become valedictorian of their class. During a Sim’s last three days as a teenager, they will also have the opportunity to take an Academic Aptitude Test, which will greatly improve their academic performance.

2 New school options

Education Overhaul adds two public schools, Bedlington Latin School, a school specializing in testing, and Striker Alternative School, for students with learning, behavioral or social-emotional difficulties. Sims can also attend one of two private schools, Wintercrest Preparatory Academy and Simcity Academy. Each type of school requires Sims to apply before being enrolled, and the application requirements differ for each school. For each application, Sims will be required to pay an application fee and complete a personal statement, site visit, interview, and final assessment. Even after all of this, there is no guarantee that Sims will be accepted; good grades might help, though.

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Sims with low enough grades have the chance to fail school (public or private) and be sent to Striker Alternative School. At special schools, Sims have a better chance of learning various skills and increasing their positive character values. Private school Sims will even wear uniforms; If the Snowy Escape expansion pack is installed, you can choose which uniforms Sims wear via downloadable mod files, but you can also choose to have uniforms pre-selected by mod as well.

1 boarding school

This is still an experimental feature, but new boarding school options allow Sims to attend school away from home. The boarding school requires an application, like other new schools. At boarding school, Sims can learn and acquire most core skills and will gain skills and character values ​​faster than they would at a regular public school. Boarding school students can still call and text other Sims, but being away for so long can make some Sims nostalgic; when this happens, their guardians will receive a notification asking if they wish to remove the homesick child from boarding school.

Boarding school students will also return home during summer breaks and vacations and after aging into adolescence – if they begin boarding school as children. When he is at home, you can end his break at any time via the phone menu. You can also cancel the interaction with the boarding school if you want him to withdraw. After canceling the interaction, Sims can be removed from boarding school through the social menu, after which they can attend a regular public school or enroll in another special school.

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