7 Best Custom Scenario Mods For The Sims 4

Scenarios were introduced in November 2021, in the 120th update of The Sims 4, and since then the functionality has grown significantly; With permanent and limited scenarios, difficulty beacons, and consistent updates, this feature holds great promise for The Sims 4.

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In the Sims community, with new updates come new mods to go with them, and storylines were no exception. Modders began creating custom scenarios for simmers, incorporating other mods and challenges, and even expanding on vanilla game features. If you’re looking to shake up your storylines, here are seven custom options to try.


seven Kawaii Stacie, the video game house

Downloadable content required: Become famous

Mods required: Change streaming mode

Two aspiring streamers just received a big loan from a wealthy Sim with just the right connections – however, it’s unclear if Switch streamers know it was a loan

Will they be able to repay their benefactor? To complete this scenario, your Switch Streamers will have to repay their mysterious loan and save another 500,000 Simoleons. Fortunately, said loan should give them enough of a financial boost to buy the necessary equipment. In case streaming is not enough, they can always sign up for social media career to help them build an audience and a nest egg.

Potential results:

  • Pay off your loans and save 500,000 Simoleons

6 Kawaii Stacie, high school sweetheart

high school sweethearts hope to start the rest of their lives together, but one of them might have doubts. Is this relationship worth fighting for? Or is it time to part ways, for now or forever? This custom storyline has four potential outcomes, and if you’re looking for drama, maybe they can be soul mates while dating?

Interestingly, marriage is not listed as a required outcome to complete this scenario. However, your Sims will be starting the storyline after recently breaking up, so marriage is probably pretty low on the priority list for them. At the very least, this starting circumstance gives you plenty of room to experiment with storytelling possibilities.

Potential results:

  • Become soul mates with your high school sweetheart

  • Become best friends with your high school sweetheart

  • Woohoo with at least ten different Sims

  • Date at least ten Sims at a time

5 DaleRune, not so berry challenge

Created by AlwaysSimming and Lissimsie, Not so Berry is one of the most popular challenges for The Sims 4, recognizable by its colorful legacy style rules. On their own, the challenge rules work much like the scenarios: each generation has specific goals to achieve, such as gaining a certain career level, reaching a certain relationship status, or fulfilling an aspiration.

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Now that scenarios have arrived in The Sims 4, DaleRune has made each generation of Not So Berry in its own scenario. Playing each generation as its own storyline can add a new sense of structure and progression for players who are overwhelmed by long legacy games. Plus, earning extra satisfaction points is never a bad thing.

Potential results:

  • Each generation has its own potential outcomes, so you can choose to play them in order or skip as you please

4 DaleRune, Therapeutic Tenderness

Downloadable content required: City life, Spa day, Get together

Mods required: Triplis Reflection Skill Mod (for dream therapy)

Your Sim will start the storyline with a scared mood called “A Deep Inner Offness”, and their goal is to find inner peace by engage in different forms of self-care and therapy. Your Sim can opt for art therapy, music therapy, wellness therapy, dance therapy, and even dream therapy to work through their feelings. Each type of therapy has different specific goals.

Different options will also require different DLCs, so be sure to read the mod’s description, but you don’t need all of the DLCs listed to play through this scenario. There are also five visible and three invisible endings, which adds a ton of replay value. You can read more about them in the mod description, or you can just see how things are going for your Sim and let it be a surprise.

Potential results:

  • The Sim works on their distress through visual means

  • The Sim works on their distress through auditory means

  • The Sim works on their stress through meditative means

  • Sim overcomes stress through physical means

3 DaleRun, Sibling Rivalry

DaleRun describes this scenario as “essentially an amalgamation between Living with Enemies and Too Many Toddlers,” which is a perfect way to sum up this storyline. The toddler twins are stuck in a dual inheritance competition they didn’t ask for, and now they’ll have to choose how they want to navigate their predetermined life path.

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Will one heir reign supreme or will his family legacy crumble – and who will be the one to dismantle the legacy? You can have fun with different aspirations; play on the idea of ​​good versus evil (a recreated cozy household would be perfect here), or have the two toddlers wreak havoc in their own way until their parents finally intervene.

Potential results:

  • One child excels over the other as toddler and child

  • The two children decide to stuff the whole affair

  • All Sims in the household reconcile and call the race

2 DaleRune, Bacheloret Challenge

This gender-neutral scenario adapts the ever-popular Bachelorette challenge, created by xUrbanSimsx. Here, your bachelor or bachelor must find love in a group of seven candidates, all vying for their attention. Meet, build relationships, and take down competitors until your Sim (hopefully) finds the love of their life! Sometimes, however, love doesn’t work; at least your Sim can make new friends?

xUrbanSimsx has laid out super detailed rules for their original challenge, so you can incorporate them into the DaleRune storyline, or go wild and try something new! You can even mix and match rules from different challenges to see what you like best.

Potential results:

  • Become romantic partners with one Sim and friends with others

  • Become good friends with all Sims

  • Complete the storyline with multiple love partners

1 DaleRune, Greek God Challenge Scenarios: From Apollo to Ares

A mythological version of Not So Berry, maxismatchccworld greek god challenge can now be played in a scenario! From Apollo to Hades, each generation is modeled after a Greek god/goddess, and their associated planet. Each generation has specific career, skill, and life goals to master, and most have their own unique emotional quirks. There are also optional color themes to follow; these are not required, but they are fun.

While you can play your first-generation Sim (Apollo) with a new household, later generations will only work with existing households, meaning you’ll have to play this legacy-style scenario. While there are no specific pack requirements listed in the mod description, maxismatchccworld notes that they created their original challenge to use a variety of games and expansion packs, so be prepared to mod or adjust certain objectives depending on the DLC you are using.

Potential results:

  • It depends on the generation!

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