5 Glitches That Are Unintentionally Hilarious (& 5 That Break The Game)

The Sims is a groundbreaking series of life simulation games that have been entertaining gamers for over two decades. Each of the 4 main lines sims The games and their many expansion packs give players the tools to create countless different scenarios with their Sims. But sometimes players run into issues that present them with unforeseen scenarios.

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These glitches usually end up being fun, but there are also plenty of glitches that are indeed game-breaking. Some of these issues are yet to be fixed and with continued updates to The Sims 4, more of these bugs and issues will certainly be discovered.

ten HILARIOUS: Sims are randomly cloned

A Sim playing chess with a clone in The Sims 2

In The Sims 2, there is a rare chance that a player’s Sim is suddenly cloned. An identical counterpart to that Sim will appear, allowing a Sim to interact and build a relationship with their clone.

This issue likely stems from another issue where Sims display a relationship with themselves or even want to become friends with themselves. No character file is created for the clone and it is treated as an object. The clone can simply be removed using the Moveobjects cheat.

9 INNOVATIVE: Sims are obsessed with cooking and baking

Sim cooking at the stove

Sims obsessed with cooking or baking are a common problem in The Sims 4 which was patched only recently. Sims would be stuck in a loop where they would cook a meal, set it aside without eating it, and then cook another meal.

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In a related issue, Sims can’t eat leftovers from the fridge, which creates excess food that just goes to waste. Players should be careful because if they don’t manually remove their Sims from this cooking loop, it can quickly drain their Simoleons or prevent their Sims from relieving their hunger.

8 HILARIOUS: The Sims have matching hair and teeth colors

Glitch showing Sims with matching hair and teeth colors

In The Sims 4, a problem may occur during the process of creating a Sim. When using hair swatches with specific hairstyles, like a bob or dreadlocks, that Sim’s teeth may change to the color of the hair swatch.

This change is not only visible in the Create a Sim section, but is also reflected in the gameplay. This glitch is an interesting way to make a Sim stand out, allowing them to deviate from the standard white teeth, having yellow, brown, gray or black colored teeth instead.

seven GAME BREAK: Toddlers are taken away because they can’t meet their needs

Sims 4 toddler ball pit

Toddlers were a long-awaited addition to The Sims 4 but their arrival has been accompanied by its share of glitches and bugs. One of the most frustrating problems occurs when a toddler doesn’t put down their toy or food. This causes the object to stick to toddlers’ hands and prevent them from meeting their needs.

They don’t eat the food they are given, don’t use the potty, and don’t even sleep. When a toddler’s needs aren’t being met, the game can remove that Sim from home. This issue has caused some players to permanently lose their toddler Sims.

6 HILARIOUS: Wrinkled Teens Look Older Than They Are

Teen Sim with Crow's Feet

In The Sims 4, an issue that can give teenage Sims crow’s feet around their eyes. This can happen when a child Sim ages into a teen or when players create a teen Sim through Genetics options in Create a Sim. Especially since teens in The Sims 4 are the same height as adult sims, this issue can make teenage Sims look much older than they are.

Usually crow’s feet would only spawn on adult or older Sims. On the bright side, having a weird old kid hanging around can be pretty funny.

5 GAME-BREAKING: Corrupt bundles block content for players

Sims relax at Onsen hot springs

There is a bug in The Sims 4 which blocks game content due to corrupt bundles. When players encounter a corrupted bundle, they will be unable to load the bundle. Even replacing the batch with a new one is not a foolproof solution. the Snowy getaway The expansion pack is notorious for its issues with the Sutefani Onsen Bathouse bundle.

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Players will often not be able to get to the field, so they can participate in mountain climbing excursions. The inaccessible bundle essentially prevents players from accessing much of the content they paid for in the expansion pack.

4 HILARIOUS: Peeing in the toilet starts a fire

Sim pees in a fire in the toilet

Since the bladder is one of the basic patterns of Sims, the toilet is an essential part of any Sim’s life. Things can get weird in The Sims 4 when a problem can cause the toilet to catch fire when a Sim uses it.

The bug seems to be related to the Eco-friendly lifestyle expansion pack, as players can upgrade their toilet with a composting container that will catch fire if the compost is not used. Players without the expansion pack still sometimes see their Sims setting off toilet fires with their pee. Fortunately, this fire is harmless and goes out when they ignite.

3 GAME-BREAKING: Sims Fail College Courses Despite Meeting All Requirements

Sims studying at the university library

the Discover the university expansion pack for The Sims 4 allows Sims to enroll in college and experience life on campus. However, a glitch can severely hamper players’ college experience by causing their Sims to fail their courses, even though they have met all the requirements to pass.

This issue can cause players to invest in their Sims’ work to study, do homework, take notes, and upgrade their skills for a class for nothing. This, in turn, prevents their Sims from graduating and using their degree for their chosen career.

2 HILARIOUS: Ghosts can take a cab to random lots

Ghost Sims in a haunted house

In The Sims 3, each graveyard is populated by ghosts that can leave at night to haunt Sims on other lots. the Ambition The expansion pack may cause an issue where graveyard ghosts behave unusually.

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While ghosts typically rise from their headstones and leave the graveyard in their own ghostly cars, the problem may cause them to take a taxi or random car to another lot. Ghosts will sometimes go to empty lots and stay there before disappearing. If players manage to interact with the ghost, that too will cause it to disappear.

1 GAME-BREAKING: Sims won’t go to work or school

Scientist, detective, and doctor visiting the bakery in The Sims 4: Get to Work

Going to work is integral for a Sim to craft the Simoleons necessary for life. Meanwhile, going to school is a requirement for all child and teen Sims. There is a bug in The Sims 4 that prevents Sims from going to work or school. When it’s time for a Sim to leave home for work or school, the action begins but never ends.

Even manually forcing the Sim to go to work or school won’t work. Sims who don’t go to work won’t be promoted and may eventually be fired, while Sims who don’t go to school will get low grades which will affect the career level they start at.

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