5 essential The Sims 4 mods for taking in-game photos

Taking pictures is not a new activity in The Sims 4. The base game allows the player to take pictures from the start. Players just tap the phone and select To take a picture. By taking their first photo, the Skill in photography will be added to that Sim’s skill list.

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Although easy to use, The Sims 4 the cameras don’t have many exciting options and attributes. However, thanks to Custom Content Creators (CC), many mods have improved the quality of images. This article will summarize the best mods for taking photos in the game.

5 Don’t lose sight

the three do not lose focus cameras and a tripod in the sims 4

This mod is perfect for gamers who want high quality footage and like to film at night. the Don’t lose focus fashion by RAVASHEEN comes with three cameras and a tripod. Although they all have the same role, each has a unique style that sets them apart from the others.

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All cameras have the same great features to help Simmers take more professional images. The Don’t Lose Focus series has more photo storage than a normal camera, as it can store 25 photos instead of five.

same image taken with three different cameras in the sims 4

In addition, it offers maximum image quality and zoom capabilities, and is compatible with the base game. All three cameras also have an exceptional night lens that allows Simmers to take amazing photos at night.


4 Ctrl+Alt+Green Screen

Green screen location in the sims 4

This amazing mod is available in three different sizes: short, medium and large Custom backdrop. Simmers should choose based on the height of the walls of the house they live in. If they take the photos outside, the size doesn’t matter.

the Ctrl+Alt+Green Screen by RAVASHEEN is in the Purchase method. Players should type “green” in the search box and the backdrop should appear in all sizes. Green screen allows players to add any photo and customize it to their liking. Remember that the desired photo must be placed in the inventory of the selected Sim. After choosing an image, it will automatically appear on the Backdrop.

female sim taking a photo in the sims 4

Players must then place their Sim in front of the green screen and select another Sim to either take a photo from a camera in their inventory or place a camera on a tripod. To take a photo, simply select the camera and choose Take a photo of, where a list of Sims will appear. Select the Sim standing in front of the backdrop.

3 Camera Iso Love Photos

full control camera location in sims 4

the Total control, Where the Camera Iso Love Photos by RAVASHEEN, available in buy mode. Type “camera” in the search box, and it should appear with a CC tag on it. Usually, when taking a photo, a Sim must be behind the camera. For example, in a family of five, only four Sims can have their picture taken together.

This camera can help immensely if players want to take a picture of all their Sims. The Full Control camera can be placed anywhere and will take an image depending on the angle it is at: on the ground, on a table, on a tripod, etc. It should be mentioned that the camera will not work if placed in inventory.

love photos iso camera options in the sims 4

In addition to not needing an additional Sim to take a photo, the Iso Love Photos camera has other important advantages:

  • Adjust camera view (360° rotation)

  • Ability to zoom in and out to the furthest point (using the scroll wheel)

  • High quality photos

  • Increased photo storage

  • Control camera height (Q and E keys)

  • Move around in camera mode (W, A, S and D keys)

  • Friendly base game

same image taken with three different cameras in the sims 4

To do a little test, place a Sim in a certain location and take three pictures; one with the full control camera, another with the “Can You See Me Now” Camera, and the last with ClickShot P10 mirrorless Camera. The latter two are the most expensive cameras in The Sims 4. Upon closer inspection, gamers will notice that the Iso Love Photos camera has the most zoom capabilities, the best photo quality, and is the only one with a rotation option. Additionally, the other two cameras can only take a maximum of five photos, while the Full Control camera can take 25.

2 Modern family portrait

framed family portraits in the sims 4

By typing “family” into the search box, Simmers can find two Framed family portraitswho are part of the Modern family portrait fashion by Ravasheen. Although the two frames differ in appearance, they serve the same function.

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Once players select one and place it on the wall, the empty space in the middle will turn into a family photo of the current household. This mod allows players to customize their own family portrait.

different types of family portraits in the sims 4

It’s no secret that there is already a family portrait in The Sims 4. However, it has more disadvantages than advantages. For example, the enormous size of the frame is a problem, since it takes up an entire wall. On the other hand, the same wall space can hold more than six framed family photos. In addition, The Sims 4 the portrait has a white background that cannot be changed, while the modern family portrait has a variety of backgrounds; winter, summer, forest and many more.

locked and unlocked images in the sims 4

Everything can be adjusted in live mode; frame color, poses, clothing, etc. However, background styles can only be chosen in buy mode. Simmers can also lock certain images to save memories, as unlocked images will change each time a new Sim or pet is added. So, if players want to keep a photo of their little one after they grow up, they need to lock the memory.

1 Photographic Memory 2.0

the old fashioned camera in the sims 4

the Photographic Memory 2.0 from RAVASHEEN is an improved version of the old fashioned camera. It looks the same, but many new attributes have been added to improve this mod. Also, this mod is compatible with other mods, such as modern family portrait. Like the Full Control Camera, you can find it by typing “camera” in the search box.

possibility to create photos in the photo studio in the sims 4

It may seem confusing at first as it has so many features to choose from. To start, Simmers can have ready family portraits or other camera footage in their inventory. Next, tap Photographic Memory 2.0 and choose photography studio. Here they have three options; Create photo gifts, improve photo quality and Upload photo, canvas or cross stitch.

the Create photo gifts present four unique elements to create images with:

  • Canvas (6 sizes)

  • Polaroid (4 samples)

  • Calendar (6 samples)

  • Cross stitch circles (small, medium and large)

After choosing one of them, the product will be in the inventory of the selected Sim.

the Improve photo quality changes the quality of the image to the maximum and removes gnomes, blurs and fingerprints. Players must hang the ruined image on the wall or keep it in inventory for the photo studio to see.

possibility to transfer images in the photo studio in the sims 4

Finally, clicking on the third option opens a list of all Sim inventory photos or paintings around the house. After choosing an image, Simmers can transfer it to another painting or cross-stitch. Cross stitches and calendars add an intimate and warm touch to the house, especially if it is a family photo.

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As for Polaroids, Simmers can stack them in a certain area of ​​the wall, or purchase a corkboard in Buy Mode and place them on it. This will make the house more realistic, as if it has passed through several generations.

customize the pictures on the corkboard in the sims 4

Pictures on the wall or corkboard can also be personalized. By selecting the desired photo, players can change the filter (make it inverted or black and white), the stripe style (one in the middle or one on each side), and the color of the pin.

Additionally, Simmers can add some emotion to images and recall them to achieve a mood. By selecting a Customize Printing, then Add keywords, players can choose any emotion. Later, when a Sim recalls the memory of this custom image, a new mood will appear. For example, choosing the inspirational memory will inspire the Sim to get inspired. And if that wasn’t enough, Simmers can also add Photo Descriptions to their images to help keep the memories alive.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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