5 Best Sims 4 Mods For Family Gameplay (2022)

The Sims 4 offers many positive qualities, but longtime gamers have learned that there are several areas where it could be better. For example, the school life and goals of young people are limited to some extent.

However, a number of imaginative gamers have crafted mods to address this issue and provide a deeper, more authentic family experience.

Despite the game being geared toward families, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete content for kids that feels deep, important, or engaging. Despite the fact that EA may be abandoning the Sims children, the modding community is not. These are great mods for The Sims 4 kids game. It makes family gameplay even more exciting, natural and enjoyable.

Here are the 5 best mods for family gameplay in The Sims 4

5) Homestay

One aspect of The Sims 4 that is missing is the variety of family types available to players. Foster families don’t exist in-game until players use the adoption system to emulate them.

The mod allows to favor pets as well as babies and children. It is a wonderful, complete and user-friendly mod for those who really want to play the stories of their foster family.

4) Kids can take their dog for a jog

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As a young child, caring for a pet is a great way to learn more responsibility. However, children are not allowed to walk their family dogs in The Sims 4. There is a mod that allows children to take their dogs for jogging.

Jogging dogs help in the development of a child’s relationship with their pet. It also allows parents to have some extra private space, as they can appreciate their child’s help in looking after the family dog. It also helps that walking their pets earns them extra responsibility points.

3) Spend the weekend

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People who are truly interested in leaving a legacy may like the idea of ​​taking their children on a trip to visit their grandparents, for example. Playing this individually, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same effect as it encourages players to play weekends like a kid, which gets boring.

This mod allows users to summon a family member, or anyone else for that matter, to pick up a household member. They can stay permanently and their name will be on the household list unless they return.

This is a fantastic The Sims 4 game mod for kids if players want to focus on other family members for a while.

2) Personalized food

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Custom Food Encounters is the only place players should start if they want to develop their cooking prowess. It doesn’t introduce any new ingredients or recipes to the game. Instead, it adds new ways for players to interact with cooking devices, as well as a base for establishing unique meals from the kitchens in the game. other modders.

After installing it, players need to go to the Custom Kitchen section of ModTheSims and select something from the menu.

1) School at home

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School can be a wonderful experience, but it’s not for everyone. Not all students feel motivated at school or find it easy to make friends. This amendment takes this into account and allows home schooling for young people and adolescents.

Thanks to this, the family will be able to create their own schedule to some extent. It also means that the youngster will be much more personally available at home. As a result, the player will have more opportunities to interact with the character of the young Sim.

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