2 foreigners detained for cheating in Bangalore; debit cards, SIMs seized

Two foreign nationals, who allegedly deceived people into luring them with lottery prizes, gifts, job offers and loans, were recently arrested by the CEN Northeast Criminal Police.

Those arrested are Adje Ange Alpride Adoni (23) from Ivory Coast and Fasoein Avaloho Adeyinka (32) from Nigeria. Police found four debit cards, four SIM cards and three mobile phones with the duo when they were arrested.

After obtaining information on a few foreign nationals involved in cybercrime, the police discovered that the suspects depended on a few men from Tripura for SIM cards, bank accounts and other logistical means. Thus, the police monitored the couriers coming from Tripura in the city and the movements of some foreign nationals.

After receiving specific information about a courier from Tripura on June 17, Police Sub-Inspector Ramanagowda and his team rushed to Kogilu Cross and stopped the pair on a two-wheeler. When the police caught them, one of them threw a mobile phone in the road and damaged it in order to prevent the police from obtaining more information about the fraud.

However, the police checked their other cellphones for messages related to the courier, including the tracking ID and pictures of the package. The team went to the point of sale and seized two packages in which they found four debit cards wrapped in a soap box and two debit cards and two SIM cards in another box.

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