10 weirdest ways to die, ranked

Since the early 2000s, The Sims has been a series that lets players create families and live life the way they want, but it also puts a lot of emphasis on the many ways Sims can die as well. The Sims 4 is the newest addition to EA’s incredibly popular life-sim franchise, with even more ways for player sims to find themselves in life-threatening situations.

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There are the classic and well-known deaths that have been part of The Sims from the very beginning, such as fire and drowning, the former being particularly easy to trigger. As new titles come out, wackier ways to die are also included, and much of the playerbase takes pleasure in discovering all the weirdest ways possible for a Sim to meet their creator.

ten Vending Machine (Snowy Escape)

Death by vending machine was introduced in The Sims as a whole in the University life expansion for The Sims 3. However, it is only at Snowy getaway expansion that this method has been brought to The Sims 4, and it works a little differently.

When a Sim shakes a vending machine in an attempt to retrieve a stuck item, it can be crushed, causing them to receive the “Bruised and Beaten” moodlet. If they are crushed by another vending machine before waiting for this mood to wear off, they will be permanently killed.

9 The Murphy Bed Method (Tiny Living Stuff)

The Murphy Bed method appears in extensions for both The Sims 2and The Sims 3, and was eventually brought to The Sims 4 with the addition of Little living things. Murphy beds in The Sims 4 don’t always open correctly, and if they don’t, the player will attempt to manually open the bed.

This can result in the player being crushed under the bed, killing them instantly. In previous titles, there was no way to completely prevent this accidental death from happening, but in The Sims 4, players can upgrade their Murphy beds using the Reinforced Spring Wiring if they want to remove any chance of dying that way.

8 Wishing Well Gone Wrong (Romantic Garden Stuff)

In The Sims 2: Seasons, players had a twenty-five percent chance of dying by specifically wishing the Wishing Well money. The well returns to The Sims 4 in the romantic garden stuff pack, but using it to cause a Sim’s death plays out differently.

The Wishing Well in The Sims 4 has four distinct moods, displayed on the face atop the well. If the face is hooded, it gives the highest chance of death possible – and if the player wishes for youthful vigor while the hooded face is displayed, it’s almost guaranteed to turn into a ghost.

seven Scared to death by urban legends (high school years)

The High school years expansion for The Sims 4 features two entirely new ways to die, one of which is Urban Myth death. Based on the folk tales of Bloody Mary, players can scare themselves and their friends by singing into a portable mirror, but it can have deadly consequences.

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Sims with a Mischief skill of 8 or higher who use the mirror once will successfully scare another Sim. If they use the Summon Urban Myth skill again, they will scare themselves – and if a Sim tries to do it again, while still scared, it will result in their immediate death.

6 Death by a stink bomb (high school years)

Playing with urban legends isn’t the only new way to cause death in The high school years. It is also possible to kill a Sim if they attempt to pull off a stink bomb prank and it fails.

Players can take on the role of bully and plant stink bombs in other Sims’ lockers, but there’s a chance this prank will fail, inflicting Stink status on themselves instead. If a Sim tries and fails to plant another Stink Bomb while this status effect is still in play, they will die from the Stink.

5 Poor quality puffer fish (live in town)

To live in town introduces an all-new way for Sims to die, which involves eating low-quality puffer fish. Every time a Sim eats a Pufferfish Nigiri there is a chance they will poison themselves and choke to death. The lower the quality of the actual dish, the greater the risk of triggering this death, and excellent quality puffer fish have no risk of dying.

Interestingly, if a Sim is killed this way, their ghost will have a puffer fish swimming in their chest. The only way to consume a pufferfish that isn’t of excellent quality – and ensure that your Sim won’t die because of it – is if it’s a vampire.

4 Chickens and rabbits can get violent (cottage life)

Living in a cottage gives players the ability to raise their own animals, such as chickens and rabbits. Of course it wouldn’t be The Sims if that addition didn’t also feature a whole new way for Sims to die tending to their pets.

Sims that have a low relationship with Rabbits or Chickens have a chance of being attacked by them, which will inflict the Dizzy moodlet on the Sim. If attacked again before this Moodlet disappears, the Chicken or Rabbit will kill the Sim instantly.

3 The death of Beetle Juice refers to the famous film (ecological lifestyle)

The Beetle Juice death method, added in the Eco-friendly lifestyle expansion, is a reference to the incredibly popular 1988 Tim Burton film, Beetle juice. Before players can craft the drink needed to cause this death, they will need to reach level 10 in their Mixology skill.

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After that, players can craft Beetle Juice from Beetle Nuggets. If Sims drink Beetle Juice just once or twice, nothing will happen. However, after consuming three drinks in a row, they will immediately turn into a ghost with no chance of the Grim Reaper coming for them.

2 The Hidden Night Wraith Death (Realm of Magic)

The Curse of the Night Wraith is one of multiple curses added to The Sims 4 with the realm of magic expansion. This curse can be given to Sims randomly while playing with spellcasting, but players who don’t want to wait can also forcefully enact this curse via cheats.

Under the effects of this curse, a Night Wraith will follow around the afflicted Sim, draining their energy and rendering them unable to sleep. While this curse doesn’t kill Sims outright, it exhausts Sims’ needs incredibly quickly, making it easier for them to accidentally die from other causes.

1 Keep the cow fed, or else (base game)

The cow plant death method was first introduced in The Sims 2: University, and is the only strange death to be included in The Sims 4 basic game. Players must be incredibly vigilant when it comes to nurturing their cow plant or the consequences can be deadly.

If a Plant Cow goes too long without food, it will hold a slice of cake out of its mouth to tempt Sims. The first time a Sim is swallowed, they are spat out and given a debuff. If they are eaten again before this debuff wears off, the cow plant will kill them. In a particularly dark twist, another Sim is able to milk the cow’s plant, adding extra days to their own life if they consume milk.

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