10 Things To Do In The Sims Most Gamers Never Discover

A spin-off of the revolutionary SimCity since 1989, The Sims spawned an extensive series of video games spanning multiple generations of fans. With nearly 200 million copies of the game sold, it’s easy to see that the series is one of the genre’s most successful franchises.

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With such a vast fandom, it’s very surprising that many fans still have a lot to learn when it comes to the beloved series and all the tricks, secrets, and different ways to play that they pass. While many of these hidden details aren’t necessary to enjoy the games, die-hard fans will no doubt enjoy discovering every new secret Maxis has hidden among all that Simlish.

ten Discover the afterlife

A woman takes care of her sustainable diet in The Sims Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

Pop culture references abound throughout each episode of The Sims. In the “Eco Lifestyle” expansion for the latest entry in the series, The Sims 4the game developers have included a humorous reference to one of Tim Burton’s best films, Beetle juice.

Fans can get a taste of what the Maitlands have been through by concocting their own “Beetle Juice”, using beetle nuggets. If the player’s sim drinks three glasses of the dastardly liquid in a row, the sim will perish and turn into a ghost. While not the most efficient way to “advance” through the game, players can briefly relive a cult classic with one relatively easy maneuver.

9 Discover Planet Sixam

A color party takes place on the alien planet Sixam in The Sims.

If players want to live out their dream of exploring an alien planet (although not in the open-world style fans crave) and bringing home some bizarre curiosities, then they’ll be happy to hear that in the “Get to Work” for The Sims 4the secret world of Sixam can be fully explored if they know how to get there.

To reach the distant planet, the player’s sim must either build and upgrade the Electroflux Wormhole Generator in the Science Career or upgrade a Rocket with a Wormhole Generator. Three new types of flora can be found on Sixam, along with new alien friends to meet and converse with.


8 Explore the Sylvan Glade

A man walks through a bucolic landscape in The Sims.

Located in Foundry Cove, next to the Crick Cabana lot, players can find a mysterious sylvan tree which, when watered, can lead to a secret lot called Sylvan Glade. The sim must choose the correct path through the tree to access the clearing, but after the initial visit players can return without a try. Sims with a level 7 wellness skill can also teleport to the clearing while meditating.

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Kept in perpetual twilight, this secret bundle is sure to please any adventurous player in search of rare animals, plants, and collectibles. Treefish are found exclusively in this area as well as cherry trees, snapdragons and bluebells. If players choose to be a vampire simulation, they are in luck as the undead are immune to the effects of sunlight in this area.

7 prevent death

A gardener tends to her family while others tend to their plants in The Sims.

Sims die in a number of bizarre, sometimes comical ways (like dying of laughter). When the player discovers that their favorite sim has expired, there are a number of cheats that can be used to change the fate, but there is actually a no-cheat method to make the best sims prosper.

The flower of death was first introduced in The Sims 3, and if the sim possesses the flower while dying, the Grim Reaper will happily revive them. In the fourth game, Death Flower is a rare ingredient used to make ambrosia, and a second sim must give the Reaper this magical faun in order to bring their fellow sim back to life. The Flower of Death is the game’s official “redo” option that allows players to correct mistakes they made that initially led to their untimely demise.

6 Visit the hermit

The Hermit talks to a young blonde woman in a garden at night in The Sims.

Hidden in Granite Falls, the world introduced in the “Outdoor Retreat” expansion for The Sims 4, this friendly NPC and the secret land he inhabits can only be accessed through a shrub hole in the woods surrounding the Granite Falls Forest. Here, players can find the rare wisp insect as well as many crystals, metals, and special fauna.

If players become friends with the Hermit, there is a chance that the forest dweller will move into their house and get the recipe for the “Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy”. Fans who love exploration and adventure will find plenty to enjoy in their quest to meet the Hermit.

5 Cultivate the cow

A giant cow grows in the middle of a garden during the day in The Sims.

Sometimes players want to spice up their homes with a very different kind of decoration, and the Cowplant is a great addition. To grow this monstrous creature, players must first obtain the Cowplant Berries. There are various methods to obtain the seeds, but the most common and easiest is to fish them from the waters of the Forgotten Cave.

With the berries in hand, players can plant them in the ground or in a planter. The Cowplant has three growth stages and requires only a small amount of maintenance. The mutant must be fed at least once every twelve hours. If left unfed, the Cowplant will attract sims for a tasty bite.

4 Starting a family with Father Winter

Father Winter stands in front of a fireplace in The Sims.

After decorating for Winterfest and making sure everything in the house is ready for the holidays, friendly Santa doppelgänger Father Winter will show up and deliver presents to players and, if he interacts appropriately, eventually found a family.

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Players can romance Father Winter with the “Romantic Aura” bundle trait and mood lighting. Befriending the jolly mystical man will open him up to a more meaningful relationship and players can try for a baby. With Father Winter as the child’s father, players will receive a special reward trait: a 50% bonus for Whims.

3 Getting abducted by aliens

A man is lifted into the air by an alien light in The Sims 4.

Introduced in The Sims: Live Large, the alien abduction is an entertaining and slightly scary event that can happen to any Sim. During the event, the sim will be captured by a UFO and its alien crew and removed from the game for a few hours. They will come back dazed and confused.

In The Sims 4: Get to Work, an abduction can occur any time after sunset. The sim will notice a strange blue light and investigate out of morbid curiosity. If the simulation is stopped, however, the abduction will not take place. Depending on a player’s sim setup, these removals can range from having no effect to changing the course of the sim’s journey.

2 Get rid of the tragic clown

Sunny the Tragic Clown interrupts a group of young people in The Sims.

Sunny the Tragic Clown is a terror to some and a humorous cure for depression to others. Whenever a Sim is down, a portrait of the clown will appear in their home and Sunny will arrive to try and cheer them up. Unfortunately, the clown is terrible at his job, and the sims will walk away from their interaction with Sunny more upset.

It’s no wonder Clown Catcher is a valid profession in SimCity. Sunny is notoriously difficult to take down (and he can’t be killed), and only by burning or selling his portrait (or hiring the famous Catchers) can the clown be taken down.

1 The Grilled Cheese Aspiration

A man and woman eat grilled cheese sandwiches at a table in The Sims.

Summoning a Grilled Cheese Sandwich sounds like a dream come true for most people, and players can see this power come true with the Grilled Cheese Aspiration that started in The Sims 2. Suction is not accessible through the simulation creation process, and in the second episode, players must use the ReNuYuSenso orb to familiarize themselves with the delicious treat. In The Sims 4the sim simply needs to discuss grilled cheese with other sims in order to complete the aspiration.

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