10 Things Fans Want In The Sims 5 Game, According To Reddit

The Sims franchise is one of the best-selling video games of all time. As a hugely popular simulation sandbox game, with four titles spanning over twenty years, players have lived a second life through their fictional characters, making them look, act and be whoever they want.

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While the latest iteration of the game, The Sims 4, has good qualities and plenty of DLC content to enjoy, longtime fans miss out on some of the beloved features of older games. With The Sims 5 would be in development according to sims insiders The Sims Communityfans have high expectations and a long list of changes, improvements, and additions they want to see in any future game, and they’ve taken to Reddit to discuss their wants, quirks, and aspirations.


Better relationships

Sims boy and girl hugging, Sims 4 sims kissing

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of The Sims, just like some of the best dating sims released recently. This is how players can start a family or befriend other Sims to go on an adventure. Fans are hoping that relationships in the next game will change in several ways from the current version.

Editor thornaslooki describes, “I would love to see better relationships and family relationships. It would be great not to befriend everyone on your first try, then successfully woo them and then start a family in the space of a day.” Start a relationship in The Sims 4 is a fairly easy task. To increase their relationship status, all players have to do is get the two sims talking to each other, but that can often mean relationship building lacks challenge.

Quarters open

Sims 5 shops and landscapes, green forest district with houses

In The Sims 3 players could move freely around the neighborhood and the world. There were no enclosed spaces or the need to load screens to move from place to place like in The Sims 4. While some fans prefer this – citing Sims 3the notorious lag and routing issues of – others think the constant loading screens make the journey from place to place far too long.

For The Sims 5, fans would like to see a healthy balance between the two mechanics. A semi-open neighborhood that allows some roaming while keeping other places still closed. Reddit user shortstuffbritt2807 explained their take, saying, “A closed world with open neighborhoods would really be the best of both worlds, I think. And with that, I’d like to be able to travel from one neighborhood to another without having to [go to] a specific batch.”

interesting babies

Woman holding baby, baby in crib

One of the most notorious mechanics of The Sims 4 it’s babies. Once players’ pregnant sims give birth, the babies instantly become irremovable from their cradles. They must be fed, changed and cared for within a foot of their crib until they become toddlers.

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Seiliko calls for babies to “be a little more fleshed out”, asking at least to be able to “carry them with you, maybe go out with them in a stroller, be able to pass a baby from one sim to another without having to put them back in… first in the cradle.” The franchise’s past games have done more with babies. At a time The Sims 2 and Sims 3, sims could carry babies around their house and place them elsewhere. Therefore, the mechanics of The Sims 4 is a definite setback and an area for improvement for The Sims 5 to tackle.

Gentle aging

Aging in The Sims is something that has improved since the early days, but fans think the game could go further. The Sims 4 players can have a newborn baby all the way up to a toddler in seconds, while the toddler they already have looks exactly like the newly aged toddler. For The Sims 5players want to see a smoother aging transition.

Non-Mastodon–7187 on Reddit said: “Smooth aging!!! Settings would have an ‘average lifespan’ slider and sims are pregnant/grow at a proportional rate. I’m tired of having a house full of kids who are all the same age even when they are 5 to 10 “years” apart!” A more realistic birthday system would make games much more enjoyable, where fans wouldn’t have to worry about their sims falling all the time.

Zodiac signs

In sims 1 and 2, zodiac signs were used to determine the personalities of a player’s sims. A Sim with the Sagittarius sign would act differently than one who was Cancer, for example. It was an interesting mechanic for character building, noticeably absent from The Sims 4and something that might be nice to have in the next game.

Reddit user ObsessionsAside said, “I weirdly miss the zodiac signs. I love how many little things you can choose now, from perfectionist to freegan, but idk I loved knowing my sim was a Gemini.” Zodiac signs have been eschewed in favor of traits, as Redditor mentions, but the use of zodiacs arguably allows for a more sketchy view of the sims character’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. If the new game allowed them to return, players could better determine which Sims character they are based on their Zodiacs or create a character based on their sign.

Cars to drive

A beloved component of both sims 2 and 3the cars were removed in The Sims 4, much to the chagrin of longtime fans. It is only realistic that the sims have cars to drive to get around from place to place. Cars are high on the list of things fans want to see in The Sims 5.

Reddit user ether dwarf said: “…you always see people excusing The Sims 4 claiming that cars aren’t necessary. I think they’re extremely important to simulating sims’ lives. Suburban areas were built that way specifically because more and more people started owning cars, and don’t look true to real life without garages and cars in driveways.” The Sims 4 players are tired of putting on fake car accessories or using mods to give vehicles to their sims. They hope to see many different vehicle options available in the upcoming game for smoother and more realistic gameplay.

Realistic genetics

Genetic characteristics have been changed throughout the past sims Games. It seems that the new titles are moving further and further away from a realistic system that allows a child born to two parents to develop similar traits or even have some of the same characteristics.

Reddit user bg3bb explains their opinion by saying, “Genetics is a seriously underestimated characteristic of The Sims 2. With each iteration of the game, we seem to have a worse genetic system…I want hair texture, facial markings and freckles, and other traits to be hereditary. With recessive genes that skip a generation or two like they sometimes do IRL.” Even though The Sims 4 genetics gives the child the same color of hair or eyes, that personal flair is not there. They should have deeper similarities besides their hair and eye color.

Updated AI and story progression

Sims Fashionista Personalities, Fan Reactions

The most crucial part of any simulation game is to be realistic and make fans feel like they are living a second life or living a different way of life. The AI ​​plays a big part in this, and if it doesn’t behave realistically, it takes away from that immersive gameplay.

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Reddit user arphe said they wanted to see improvements to “AI, traits, and story progression” which would keep The Sims 5 neighborhoods feel alive. They go on to explain, “If I create a few Sims who are both ambitious snobs and child-hating perfectionists, and then revisit them after a long time, they should both be at the peak of their careers and moved to a posh mansion. .” This kind of story progression is something that was sorely lacking in both Sims 3 and The Sims 4, with unplayed households remaining static unless the player takes control or requests mods for help. This is a key feature that would improve the The Sims 5 experience.

More challenges

The Sims 4 has disasters or accidents, like a sim starting a fire while cooking, fainting from lack of sleep, or being crushed to death by a Murphy bed. However, these can easily be avoided or corrected in seconds and while some The Sims 4 deaths are easily triggered, others are almost impossible. This means that the game misses some of the more difficult and chaotic events of older versions.

Long_Radio_819 about, “I don’t want to live a cold/fairytale life in the sims anymore. I really want disasters or at least destructive events that will greatly affect your life, not a fire that will burn out a few devices and come back to life normal.” Some past games have allowed for more intense fires, burglaries, or natural disasters that took much longer to recover from. The game becomes a whole new experience if players pay attention to those little accidents that can happen.

Better autonomy

Sims doing crafts and art, menus for different types of hobbies

The Sims can quickly become boring and repetitive when the characters in the simulation only do a handful of actions on their own – watching TV or playing games on their phones. Fans hope to see adjustments to the autonomy system in Sims 5.

Reddit user sonofgildorluthian asks for “a better balance of autonomy between hobbies/reading on electronics (especially the computer) – I shouldn’t have to change security settings all the time to get my sims to do other things. ” Instead of every sim preferring to do the same actions over and over again, it would be nice to see a more diverse set of actions. Sometimes a Sim may prefer to read a book or build a puzzle unprompted.

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