10 Spooky Gallery Builds Perfect for Halloween

It’s official: Since October 18, 2022, The Sims 4 the base game is completely free. While longtime fans are nervous about what this means for the franchise’s future, it’s welcome news for those who’ve held on all these years to buy. The Sims 4. With recent updates and tutorials added to the base game, now is the best time ever to have fun. In the spirit of Halloween, many creators have uploaded seasonal releases for the enjoyment of the community, helping players get into the spooky season mood they’ve been waiting for all year.


The Sims 4 offers a free gallery for all players to upload and download their creations, meaning players don’t need to spend hours creating their own. Since the release of The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff Pack Halloween has been a well-celebrated in-game holiday for Simmers. Players can prepare their Sims for a night of tricks, treats and hauntings with these spooky builds available for download from the gallery.

Spooky dollhouse

The creator of this construction, Stewedhave gone all out, not only in the creation of their 2012 horror film Claim dollhouse inspired, but in their quick build video. The suspenseful music and spooky sound effects are sure to please thrill-seeking Simmers this Halloween, not to mention the stories and gameplay this build lends itself to.

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The stop-motion video of the construction displays the detailed parts of this spooky dollhouse in a run-down appearance. Simmersed has carefully curated each room in the house, which features dark wood paneling, strewn debris, and gruesome details like urns, skeletons, and cobwebs. Horror fans can look no further than this spooky dollhouse this Halloween, as this version of The Sims 4 is perfectly suited for in-game visits from the grim reaper, ghosts and more.

house of witches

Players who like to play The Sims 4 expansion realm of magic be enchanted by this cozy Halloween witch house by the creator Simscony. Players can take advantage of this beautiful build when they’re not busy battling other spellcasters in the garden or brewing potions at the cauldron.

The realm of magic The expansion allowed players to create powerful Sims who can choose the path of good, dark, or practical magic. This creative construct would work perfectly whichever path Simmers chooses, serving as a magical respite within Glimmerbrook. Settle in for a night of The Sims this Halloween from the comfort of this amazing Halloween Witch House, which is sure to create a spooky vibe.

gothic mansion

The Goth family has been a staple of The Sims since the very first game in 2000, inspiring some of the best The Sims 4 memes as well as amazing builds like this Halloween Goth Manor. Creators Chrissie and MissyMotion teamed up to build this spooky, opulent mansion worthy of the Goth family’s Spooky Day celebrations.

In the well-decorated exterior, the Goth Manor is full of detail. Candles, books, and fall decorations line every surface, setting the stage for the perfect Halloween celebration. In addition to being aesthetic, the house is habitable for Sims because it has been tested by its talented creators. Find this gorgeous and macabre build on the gallery and settle in for hours of fun this spooky season, perfect for the Goth family or any lucky Sim players choose.

Halloween Carnival

Japanese Youtuber and creator of The Sims 4 Yukihyō has created the perfect carnival for players to enjoy this spooky season. Although at first glance it might not seem like it, this creation is completely CC-free and available to all players on the gallery.

This gorgeous Halloween carnival is the perfect backdrop for any Sims get-together or spooky photo shoot, especially when set in one of the scariest neighborhoods in the sim (like Forgotten Hollow), where the clouds and fog often rolls in. Yukihyo’s quick build video shows just how much creative detail went into this build which is full of pumpkins, ghosts and twinkling lights. The haunted house attraction, a new feature in the High School Years expansion pack, is a perfect addition to this build for the perfect Halloween experience.

Pennywise Hideaway

Creator IAMGRIM combined their love of The Sims and horror movies in a fun project of recreating homes from their favorite movies. They created a Pennywise Hideaway in this build, inspired by the 2017 movie This.

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The well-designed overgrown courtyard of this build sets the tone for the unsettling events that simmers can play out inside. To complete the build, there are many iterations of Pennywise and the This cast on the gallery to download as well. Whether players feel like clowning around or luring a few trick-or-treaters into this spooky adobe, they’ll enjoy the spooky atmosphere IAMGRIM has created in this perfectly Halloween-appropriate build.

halloween town

SatiSim has created an entire Halloween town and placed it in the magical kingdom of Glimmerbrook, one of the best worlds to live in The Sims. This creative placement allows the mystical world’s gigantic moon and celestial sky to act as the backdrop for an incredible Halloween experience for players.

A closer look at SatiSim’s Halloween Town builds reveals a spooky sacramental town square, complete with a cow skull, giant candles, and a cauldron. No Halloween town would be complete without the tombstones, which are dotted around the square, ready for Sims looking to conjure up a ghost. Totally spooky and embracing the spirit of Halloween, this build is a sure bet for players looking to spend New Year’s Eve immersed in The Sims.

Saint Eve

This Hallows Eve Cottage, designed by Redditor ZinniaSim, is where the heart of the cottage and spooky season meet, resulting in a gorgeous build suitable for any caster or mortal Sim. The creator has tested the cottage, which means there are no inaccessible objects or macabre problems.

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Using elements from the scary stuff, realm of magicand Living in a cottage extensions, this version is incredibly unique. It sits in a scenic spot in Henford-On-Bagley in the creator’s pictures, though creative simmers can enjoy it in any world. Settle into the plush sofas of this build with a spell book and enjoy a spooky New Year’s Eve.

good witch

Dial up the towers and enjoy some treats with the Good Witches Tower, a gorgeous build from MissUnfortunateYT. This build can work in many ways, perhaps as a spooky vampire lair at night and a witch reprieve by day. Players will lose track of time this Halloween within the sleek walls of this build.

Sims must follow a fungus-laden path through idyllic stone arches to reach the tower, accessed by a ladder. For those brave enough to scale the summit, they will be rewarded with a Victorian-inspired adobe in the clouds. MissUnfortunateYT’s Towering Build The Sims 4 Tiny Living Micro Homes to shame, curating an experience every Simmer should take part in this Halloween.

Hocus Pocus House

Long time fans of Hocus Pocus Enjoy this recreation of the iconic house from the film in this enchanting build by Redditor MilgeMilge. This version captures the spooky feel of Sister Sanderson’s abode and is ready to upload now to the gallery for simmers to recreate their favorite scenes. Recreate Thackery in The Sims 4 style, combining this Halloween classic with this creative play.

Landscaping can be one of the most challenging aspects of construction in The Sims 4 however (if that isn’t obvious from this build that makes perfect use of climbing ivy, dead trees, and muted foliage). Creator MilgeMilge captured the fall colors, as well as the eerie feel of Halloween in a small town, which makes the build special for this season. Players can set up on Halloween with Hocus Pocus on a single screen and this excellent build in The Sims 4 the other.

Slytherin common room

The Harry Potter fandom is one that knows how to celebrate Halloween after years of inspiration from their favorite films and movies that capture the spooky feel of the holiday in all its glory. Creator TheSimScrollls captured the sentiment perfectly in their recreation of the Slytherin common room in The Sims 4a perfect collaboration to enjoy this Halloween.

Players can recreate their favorite Slytherins or bring their own caster to the common room, which features mood lighting and an excellent use of color for a muted, slightly eerie feel. Builder TheSimScrolls has spent hours not only on this build, but also on their awesome Harry Potter create series on their YouTube channel. These creative builders Harry Potter creations can be found on the gallery, free for all players to download and enjoy. This build is the perfect spooky backdrop for Halloween spent in the world of The Sims 4.

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