10 Sims Challenges Every Gamer Should Try

The Sims franchise is a great PC or console classic to dive back into when you’re sorely bored. There are limitless possibilities for real-life simulated fun or disaster, whether it’s settling down with a family or becoming a criminal mastermind. It’s entirely up to the player to decide what to do with their simulated life.

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Sometimes these almost endless possibilities in The Sims can be overwhelming and only increases the boredom. Often players just need a structure to follow. The Sims Challenges are gameplay ideas created by fans, asking Simmers to follow a strict set of rules to achieve a certain goal.

ten 100 baby: non-stop baby mania

a room full of basins on the sims

This particular The Sims The challenge has been around almost as long as the franchise itself. It takes an unemployed Sim matriarch to give birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible. Babies can age immediately, avoiding those unanimously boring few days of constant crying. However, toddlers, children, and teenagers must first complete their learning for this period of their life before they grow old and move on. But here’s the catch, the Sim matriarch has to sleep with a new suitor for every baby.

9 Legacy: Generation 10

genealogy of a sims family on the sims 4

Without doubt one of the most popular The Sims Challenges, the Legacy Challenge requires a single young adult Sim to move into an empty 50×50 lot. To kick things off, the Family Funds Cheat should be used to give that starting Sim just §1800.

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From there, the Founding Sim must grind to accumulate their wealth and start a family that will continue for 10 generations. Players can choose their inheritance laws, from traditional firstborn male heirs to something completely original.

8 Asylum: 8 Insane Traits

the sims 4 asylum challenge

This challenge asks the player to create a house full of 8 Sims, each with the Insane trait. However, only one Sim can be controlled. To make things even more interesting, the rules include placing 5 beds, 6 seats (only 1 of which can let a Sim take a nap), 1 bathroom, and no smoke detectors. With these restrictions, there are bound to be problems. The goal of the Asylum Challenge is to complete the aspirations of the Sim chosen by the player as a sign that they can now leave the asylum.

seven Not So Berry: Color Coded Sims

all sims color coded for not so berry challenge

In the Not So Berry challenge, each generation of a player’s Sim family must adhere to a color scheme and their respective traits, aspirations, and careers. For example, the first generation is the color Mint, a vegetarian scientist who aspires to be the boss of mischief. Next is Rose, and so on. Challenges like these encourage players to experiment with different styles of The Sims gameplay and broaden their horizons. Players can use the Free Real Estate cheat to start them, but no cheats can be used after that.

6 Rags To Riches: Started From The Bottom Now Here We Are

a sim sitting outside on a lounge chair

After purchasing a bundle, a Sim ends up with nothing in the Rags To Riches challenge. The goal of this challenge is to go from scavenging for food in garbage cans, sleeping in public places, to owning a fully furnished house, having a family and a career.

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Before a player’s Sim is allowed to progress, mandatory milestones must be completed. For example, a Sim must reach Level 5 Handiness and Level 3 Logic before building a house. This challenge is all about finding creative ways to move up the ladder.

5 Black Widow: marry, cheat, kill

a black widow in the interface for creating a SIM card

This challenge does what it says on the tin: marry and kill to make money. A player’s Sim matriarch must have materialistic, posh, and romantic traits and the Serial Romantic Aspiration. The structure of the gameplay is as follows: marry a wealthy suitor, arrange a dinner party, then find a new romantic interest and take him into the lot. The Black Widow Sim must be caught cheating and then kill the husband and marry the new boyfriend. The overall goal is to reach 10 or more tombs, all signed by Black Widow.

4 Bachelor or Bachelorette: Dating for Dummies

a bunch of sims out a lot in the sims 2

Players can make their own Bachelor or Bachelorette season in this The Sims Challenge. Create 7 competitors to live in the lot with your protagonist Sim, and with looser rules than many challenges, players can get creative with dating options and use the Motherlode cheat to their heart’s content. The main Sim must have a date with each contestant to get to know them. Every day at 3 p.m., the player must eliminate the weakest relationship until they are left with their perfect match.

3 Hotel: roll the dice

a hotel built in the sims 4

In this Challenge, everything is left to chance except for the hotel and its owner Sim. Players can find guests by simply inviting neighbors to the lot, once they are in their room it is mandatory to remove the door. Using a dice or a number generator, players must randomize possible events such as romance or WooHoo with the guest, remove all furniture from their room, or kill the guest.

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By using the Modify Funds cheat, players can pay out hotel winnings every day, depending on the quality of the hotel and the number of guests.

2 Block Party: one for the builders

a creative block party challenge built in the sims 4

The Block Party Challenge is a bit different from the others. Players must tear down every lot in their Sims world so they can rebuild each house with specific requirements. In The Sims 4, the chosen world can be Willow Creek, Oasis Springs or the completely empty world of Newcrest. Builders must include 2 starter houses, a park, 4 community lots, and at least 1 large mansion. With no limits on cheats or mods, the Block Party Challenge lets builders simply enjoy being creative and bask in the glory of building a new city.

1 Prison: Locked up and wishing

a prison built in the sims 3

A Sim has been accused of a crime they did not commit in the Prison Challenge. However, once the convicted Sim has their lifelong wish granted, they can leave the jail, which is also occupied by 7 other Sims that the player cannot control. Fulfilling a lifetime wish is rather difficult when a Sim is locked in a cell from 9am to 9pm every day. No-money cheaters are not allowed in this challenge, and locked-in Sims must not leave the lot at any point in the game. With some traits allowed as well, this challenge is definitely one for Simmer veterans.

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