10 Reasons to Use Adeepindigo’s SimNation Travel Mod

Since their appearance in The Sims 2: Nightlife, cars have felt essential to The Sims franchise. And when The Sims 3: Generations added driving lessons and permits, that feeling only grew stronger. However, cars disappeared from The Sims 4 and have yet to make a return to the official game. Since The Sims 4 is not an open world like The Sims 3, this change makes sense; with loading screens between lots, even neighboring lots, why would teenagers need to learn to drive?

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Why would Sims need cars? Still, The Sims 2 was a closed world, and the cars still added a lot of character to the Sims who drove them. In SimNation Travel by Adeepindigo mod, functional cars are making a comeback. But that’s not all; from upgraded bikes to subways to new vacation options, SimNation Travel is a great addition to any economy.

9 Cars

Teen-Senior Sims can purchase cars in Buy Mode, under Outdoors/Transportation. All cars vary in price, environmental footprint and environmental score, and different cars also have different fuel economy and maintenance needs. Cars will also need gas and maintenance occasionally; how often they will need these things depends on the type of car you have. Usually, however, maintenance takes place every 14 to 28 days (so about once a season), and the gas needs to be topped up about once a week. Cars can be sold, but not in buy mode; to sell a car, click on it and choose “Sell Car” from the circular menu.

8 Licenses

Sims will also need a license to drive. Sims apply for a license from the DMV, but teenage Sims will need to take driving lessons first. At 50 Simoleons per lesson, they can be pricey, so an older family member can also teach them for free. Once a teen is eligible to apply for a license, you’ll get a notification, but you won’t know how they’re progressing because driving is a hidden skill. Any Sim with a license can purchase a car. The Sim who buys the car will automatically be named its owner, but all Sims in the household can drive it.

seven New subway system

For Sims who don’t want or can’t afford a car, any Elder Child can use the subway. The metro is the cheapest means of transport, as it requires no maintenance. 7, 14, and 28 day passes are available, after which a Sim will not be able to travel again unless they obtain a new pass or another mode of transportation. Unlike cars, which can be used by any Sim in a family who has a permit, each Sim who wants to use the subway will need their own pass. Sims can also use the subway in combination with things like bikes or cars, depending on what kind of trip they’re on.

6 Improved bikes

Bikes were first introduced with The Sims 4: Discover University, and SimNation Travel makes them work more like cars in terms of the care they need. Bikes can be purchased in the usual way, but like cars they will need to be registered in order to use them.

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This means that they are only usable by the Sim who saves them; any other household members will need to purchase and register their own bicycles or use other transportation. Like cars, they also need maintenance, which happens about once a season or every 21 days. The bikes won’t be usable while they’re being serviced, but luckily it only takes about 90 minutes.

5 A realistic vacation

With SimNation Travel, Sims will need to pay a rental deposit and make international travel reservations. Deposits can vary depending on the type of vacation you take, and Sims can pay within a range they are willing to deposit. Sims can also choose to fly Economy Class or First Class, which will result in a random buff and a chance of lost baggage. Only one reservation and one deposit are required per household, and all members of a household will travel in the same class (Economy or First Class).

4 International travel and passports

Some vacation destinations are also considered international destinations, such as Batuu, Granite Falls, Mount Komorebi, Selvadorada, Sulani, or Windenburg, if your Sims don’t live there, of course. Traveling overseas requires a passport, which Sims can obtain with an online application, and a trip to the passport office. Sims will receive their passports within 12-48 hours, depending on the shipping and service they pay for, and passports and shipping each incur separate fees.

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Passports expire every 36 days, after which Sims will need to reapply if they wish to travel abroad again. You don’t need to have all the packs listed (Journey to Batuu, Outdoor Retreat, Snowy Escape, Jungle Adventure, Island Living, Get Together) for the mod to work, but of course you need to have the packs associated with it the aforementioned worlds in order to travel to them.

3 New Aspiration: Seasoned Traveler

International travel also counts towards this mod’s new aspiration, Seasoned Traveler. This aspect of mods requires multiple packs to complete all associated objectives, including Jungle Adventure, City Living, Snowy Escape, Outdoor Retreat, and Island Living. Fittingly, this aspiration involves a lot of travel.

Completing this aspiration will give Sims the Prepared Travel reward trait, which reads: “These Sims enjoy traveling all over the world. more fun when they are not in their home region. If you want your Sims to actually learn new languages, Adeepindigo recommends installing Frankk’s Language Barriers Mod. Some of these aspiration stages involve learning languages, but the mod is not required to complete the aspiration.

2 New Career: Travel Critic

This new career is modeled after the art critic career that comes with City Living, except this time you focus on a more natural artistic landscape. Travel critics will review food, drink, and performance in the Sims universe, learning skills like photography, writing, and maybe even Salvadoran culture.

Sims can go to work via the usual rabbit hole or take advantage of new work-from-home interactions. Plus, the hours are short (which leaves plenty of time to explore these new worlds at your own pace!), and members of this career improve their language learning skills. However, this aspect of the mod also necessitates the language barriers. mod to work properly. Again, you don’t need language barriers to play with SimNation Travel, but it does make the experience more complete.

1 Settings and tips

There’s a lot to play with here, and as you discover new parts of the mod, you may find yourself looking for a fresh start. Fortunately, there is a way to completely reset all of your existing settings. In the game’s cheats menu (accessed by enabling cheat tests), choosing Reset Mod from the menu will remove all cars, licenses, subway passes, and passports for all Sims in the neighborhood.

The bikes will remain, but they will run as they usually do without the mod’s increased functionality. adeepindigo recommends using the Reset Mod cheat if you have already played with a test version of the mod before its official release.

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