10 Interesting Houses Found In The Sims 4 Library

The Sims 4 is one of the first games in the series to have a gallery that contains houses and families. Adding game packs gives players the ability to create very unique homes. Players can find houses that match virtually any theme they desire (even that of a certain occult), allowing them to create a unique story that matches their family.

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As for the houses already found in the game, players are sure to find a house in the gallery that matches their style much better. While it’s almost always fun to build an opulent mansion, it’s the truly unique homes that get the most attention.

ten The humble abode

The exterior view of the house called The Humble Abode

The Humble Abode was made by ElderJymm on the gallery and puts objects from the Trip to Batuu extension to use. The exterior also takes the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. This house fits in well with Oasis Springs, while looking like it could fit on Tatooine.

It has a first floor as well as a basement. It only has one bedroom and one bathroom, making it perfect for any hermit trying to live on their own.


9 Fairy tale gnome cottage

The main facade of the house

The Fairy Tale Gnome Cottage looks straight out of a storybook. It was created by RethaSim on the gallery. It takes advantage of the game’s scalability, with large mushrooms and gnomes occupying the front yard of the house.

The house seems to be suitable for a family of spellcasters, having a mythical aspect. Players will finally be able to bring their Sim to life in a magical forest cabin.

8 Nightengale (Boat/Yacht)

A boat-shaped house by the river

The Nightengale allows players’ Sims to once again live on a boat. JOL1990YT created this bundle and it allows players to basically have a barge in The Sims 4. The lot has two bedrooms initially, meaning a family could live here.

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The upper part of the boat has the galley where the pilot would be. It makes more sense to place the land near a water source, as this could make the boat appear to be moored.

7 Amelia Earhart’s crash

A plane crashed on one of Sulani's islands

Have you ever wondered what happened to Amelia Earhart? With this house, players can claim to have the answer! The set was created by hiphiprenee and uses the airplane model of Strangertown make a plane that crashed.

The house works best if used in the Sulani district. With the “off-grid” batch trait introduced in living on the island, players can really pretend their Sim has crash landed in the island community.

6 The bear cave

The interior view of the Bear Cave

The Bear Cave is exactly what it sounds like – a cave a Sim can live in. It was created by Brennachan and provides a hidden cave for a family to live in. Sims wearing a bear costume will fit right in with this bundle.

There isn’t a lot of room for kids, so it’s best if one or at most two Sims live inside this cave. With this bundle, Sims are sure not to be found or disturbed.

5 Waterfall

The front view of Falling Water with its waterfall

This house is a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, Falling Water. It was created by gonzalosf9616 and allows players to settle their family in this iconic house. It even has the waterfall of the real house, which makes it even more impressive.

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Players can see the offices, the many bedrooms, and the balcony that wraps around the house. Any fan of Wright’s work would appreciate having this home in one of their neighborhoods.

4 Chinese old town

Some of the houses in the Chinese town

The old Chinese city looks like a real city located above a waterfall. It was created by angiedoessims and adds a few different houses for a few families. This lot is one of the most unique, as multiple families can move into this lot.

It also takes on the appearance of a Chinese village and places it in the player’s neighborhood. The waterfall is also aesthetically pleasing, virtually guaranteeing that players will want this land in one of their neighborhoods.

3 Autumn Treehouse

Some of the different parts up and down the tree

This house allows players to set up their family in a tree house. It was created by TheSimStream and has stairs going up and down the tree trunk. Each piece rises higher in the trunk than the previous one.

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The creator of the lot mentions that it is best used in the Glimmerbrook area. It also looks like the home a spell caster would use, making it perfect for any magical family.

2 old cottage

The facade of the old chalet

The Old Cottage looks like a cozy little building that a Sim can live in. It was created by alfiefl and it looks like an older Sim would fit in perfectly in this house. It’s also pleasing to the eye, with vines running up and down the house. There are also many exterior decorations, making it an ideal home for family living.

1 Nookstone starting cabin

The front view of the Nookstone Starter Cabin

fans of The Sims and animal crossing will appreciate having this cabin in their neighborhood. BettyBackwoods99 is the creator of the house, and she’s perfect for a single Sim. A nice touch is the truck in the driveway, which makes it look like a lived-in cabin.

It also looks a lot like a house that one might find in Animal crossing. With the strong colors, it’s easy to see how he can take inspiration from the game.

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