10 Hidden Deaths Only Diehard Fans Know About

For many gamers The Sims 4, killing your sims is a guilty pleasure. The franchise has come up with plenty of creative ways to end your sim’s life, and with the new werewolf pack on the way, that tradition looks set to continue.

The Sims 4 typically introduces a new death with each new game pack and expansion pack released, often without letting fans know it’s in-game. Many of these deaths are hidden, unsuspecting, and can lead to a tragic surprise for the sim of the player who encounters The Grim Reaper.

Chicken and Rabbit Bites

An image of a Sim being attacked by a chicken in The Sims 4

A Sim’s farm animals in The Sims 4: Living in a Cabin may look cute and cuddly, but the wrong interaction can be deadly. With this expansion pack a sim can keep chickens on their land and rabbits can be seen throughout the village of Henford-on-Bagley


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If players expect eggs, gifts, or other benefits from these pets, they should make sure their sim has a high relationship with them or they may be prone to attack. Even a seemingly friendly animal can suddenly turn around and peck or bite a Sim to death. Fortunately, for farming sims, however, these deaths are rare.

The wishing well

An image of the Whispering Wishing Well in The Sims 4

The wishing well is an overlooked tool in only the diehards sims fans know. The well is a semi-dark object that comes with the romantic garden stuff pack. Sims can ask the well for boons, such as Eternal Life, which the well will consider (although it often likes to be bribed with Simoleons before granting its wish).

Wishing for eternal life with a bad mood or without using paid simoleons can backfire. A player’s sim can be granted the ability to live forever or be sentenced to death and turn into a ghost.

Overdrive your brain

An image of a Sim passed out on the ground in Sims 4

A day at the college library can be exhausting for most people, but for sims it can be deadly. A player’s simulation can choose to contribute knowledge gained through certain skills, such as logic, through the research machine available in The Sims 4: University expansion pack. The influx of knowledge can be financially rewarding, especially for sims with high skill levels.

However, a player must make sure to stop their sims once they are stunned. If you continue like this, your sim will die of overwork. Bringing in knowledge while being taxed ends in death 100% of the time, but can be easily avoided, as only college-enrolled sims with the research and debate skills will use the machine. Because the object is hidden, many sim players will never discover the deadly nature of the object.

Overwork your body

An image of a sim running on a treadmill in The Sims

When a Sim reaches the older stage of life, many daily tasks tire them out. Physically demanding tasks, such as hitting the exercise machines at the gym or engaging in woohoo, will give the sim a warning in the form of a red “dangerously tired” mood.

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If the player wants to kill their aged sim, continuing physical tasks will cause them to die of overwork. It’s an easy way to kill the sim, but it’s only available for old people.

Floral arrangements

An image of a former Sim cutting flowers in The Sims 4

Being an elder is a dangerous time in The Sims 4. Even something as pure and pleasant as a bouquet of flowers can cause the sim to encounter the Grim Reaper. If a player has the Seasons expansion pack and a nearby sim has the flower arranging skill, they can make a killer flower arrangement if they have the flower of death in their inventory.

If an elderly Sim inhales the scent of a Death Flower, they will automatically die. Although this is a creative way to kill a sim, only older sims will die from this action. A death flower is more typically used to help a sim cheat death, being used as an ingredient in the ambrosia recipe which resurrects dead sims.

rocket crash

An image of an injured astronaut in The Sims 4

A simple trip to the stars can have a deadly ending for the player’s sim. Sims who enjoy space travel via rocket can crash into earth on their return, causing the sim to burn and die in one of the most gruesome deaths in gaming.

Fortunately, the player can prevent death by turning them off. However, if they feel determined to kill their sim, make sure their rocket building skills are low and they can help increase the chance of death by sticking fruit in the exhaust.

Rabid rodent fever

An image of a sim infected with rodent fever

This death is hidden in the semi-darkness The Sims 4: My First Pet item pack, besides being in a seemingly harmless building item. If a Sim doesn’t get along with a small rodent, the animal that turns on the player can be fatal.

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Failure to clean a pet rodent’s cage or having a bad relationship with it can cause the animal to bite the sim, causing it to become ill with rabid rodent fever over the next few days. Fortunately, it can be easily treated if the player wishes, either by consulting an in-game vet or by using a computer to research and treat the condition. Otherwise, the sim will die a particularly gruesome death by foaming at the mouth and collapsing before Grim comes to collect them.

Nigiri puffer fish

An image of a Sim dying while eating their meal

Low cooking skill can cause the sim to cook some pretty disgusting food, but not everyone knows that can also be deadly. In the To live in town Expansion Pack, a Japanese food stall sells a fish dish named puffer fish nigiri, and eating the dish will cause the player sim to learn the recipe.

If the sim is a bad chef, they will likely create a low quality version of this dish. Players can also use cheat codes to lower their sim’s skills if they want to poison a sim. A poor quality pufferfish will likely be fatal, and eating it will almost certainly kill a sim. Players can also kill other sims by serving it as a main dish.

Murphy bed

An image of a Sim crushed by a bed in Sims 4

Few fans know this, but even furniture isn’t safe in The Sims. If a player has the Pack of Tiny Living objects, they can purchase a Murphy bed – a couch that can be pulled out at bedtime to become a fully functional bed. Pulling the bed can result in the death of a crushed Sim in a tragic accident.

It’s a tough kill to trigger and the bed’s ability to kill a sim happens randomly – whether it’s the first time they use it or the 100th. Players can also make death less likely by upgrading the ending using the maneuverability tool, but sims are never 100% sure.

Vending machine

An image of a sim running through a vending machine in Sims 4

Play with the vending machine supplied with the Snowy getaway The expansion pack can reward a player with simoleons or prizes. However, it may also result in a visit from the Grim Reaper. Shaking the vending machine can knock the prizes down, which results in cool collectibles or cash. Shaking the machine can also cause the machine to fall on a sim and crush them to death.

The first time the machine will fall on the SIM card, they will encounter an uncomfortable “beaten and bruised” mood. This is a warning of more deadly consequences next time. Shaking the machine again after the mood ensures that the sim will be crushed to death. Players’ chances of dying are randomized by the game, but they will be warned before it becomes fatal.

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