10 Farming Sims To Play If You Liked Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, along with other popular farming simulation games, has taken the world by storm. From its beautiful, vibrant graphics and character artwork to its deep and intricate lore, this is a game that fans of the farming simulation genre have quickly fallen in love with.

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Many fans of the game are eagerly awaiting the next game from developer ConcernedApe, haunted chocolatier, which is currently still in development with no estimated release date. This leaves fans looking for a farming sim with lore, beautiful character designs, and the promise of hours of peaceful gameplay. Luckily, there are plenty of games in the genre that can give gamers the same feeling as Stardew Valley.

ten Harvest Moon: One World puts players on a quest to save a goddess

Harvest Moon: One World takes place in a world where the famous harvest goddess has gone missing, and it’s up to the player to bring her back and help the land return to its natural order. Players will need to find the Harvest Wisps to gather information about the demise of the Goddess, while planting and harvesting crops, raising livestock, and exploring the world’s five vast and unique locations. If the player wishes, he can woo one of the ten eligible bachelors and bachelors and find out more about the interesting locals.

9 Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town: Let’s Explore Small Town Life

In Story of the Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Townplayers make the journey to Olive Town, a peaceful, slow-paced community that was once bustling and prosperous thanks to the contributions of the player’s grandfather.

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Players will need to harvest crops, raise animals, and befriend the townspeople, as well as discover the town’s mysterious earth spirits and their connection to the spirit that seems to exist hidden within the town. Players can also enjoy the 200 different unique events and holidays, as well as have sex with bachelors and bachelors in town, and even raise their own family.

8 Littlewood takes comfortable play to the next level

Little wood is a farming simulation RPG game that begins with players who have just saved Little wood of the Dark Magician, losing their memories in the process. Little wood takes place in the world of Solemn, where players can befriend locals, collect items and raw materials, build infrastructure, harvest crops, mine ores and minerals, and fulfill requests made by townspeople. Little wood brings a whole new level of cuteness to farming simulation enthusiasts, with its vibrant color palette and cartoonish design, making it the perfect game to give gamers the same comfortable gaming feel as Stardew Valley is famous for.

7 Sun Haven transports players to another mythical world

Haven of sunshine is a medieval farming simulation that lets players farm, mine, fish, craft, fight, and even practice magic! By doing these things, players can successfully build their farm, restore town shops, and even encourage new people to move into town. For players who like the occult or the supernatural, Haven of sunshine also allows players to play with several different magical species, such as angels, demons, vampires, etc. The game’s gorgeous and almost otherworldly design is sure to allow players to truly immerse themselves in the realm of Haven of sunshine and all its delights.

6 Rune Factory 5 gives players the best of RPGs and Farming Sims

Rune Factory 5 is a fast-paced combat RPG with farming simulation elements inspired by the popular harvest moon series. Rune Factory 5 takes place in the sleepy town of Rigbarth, home to several eccentric and unusual townspeople. For players seeking to satisfy an interest in the occult or the supernatural, Rune Factory 5 could be the ideal solution. A city full of mystery, supernatural townspeople, and all the classic farming simulation elements players love, the latest addition to the rune factory the series is one to watch.

5 My Time At Portia lets players get crafty in the workshop

My time at Portia is an agricultural simulation game that focuses on the player taking his father’s neglected farm and workshop, located in the small town of Portia, and bringing it back to life. My time at Portia allows players to herd livestock, grow crops, complete errands, and build relationships with the quirky townspeople. Unlike most farming sims, My time at Portia focuses more on crafting than farming, although both can still be done in-game. My time at Portia allows players to learn more about crafting and design, two elements that fans of traditional farming simulations will fully appreciate in this more in-depth and hands-on farming simulation.

4 Coral Island encourages players to save the reefs (both in-game and IRL)

Coral Island is, as their developers call it, a “reimagined farm simulation game set on a tropical island that draws inspiration from the classics.” Coral Island allows players to maintain their farm while trying to save the island by restoring and protecting its coral reefs.

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Coral Island comes as a breath of fresh air for the farming simulation genre, as it has a very unique game design and diverse characters, a new location (not just another farm passed down to players from their grandfather or uncle long lost), and incredibly complex lore and meaning behind the game itself. Players can also participate in community projects to improve the island’s functionality and quality of life.

3 Kynseed introduces gamers to a new generation of Sandbox RPGs

Kynseed is what its developers call a “sandbox RPG life simulation game” that lets players do more than just farm. In Kynseed, players can run their own business, which can take the form of a general merchandise store, apothecary, blacksmith, or even a tavern. Players can explore the vibrant and colorful world that has been made available to them while maintaining their farm and livestock. Players can also collect artifacts and find proverbs to uncover the many secrets of the mysterious world around them.

2 A lone outpost really takes players to another planet

A lonely outpost is a farming simulation with a twist. A lonely outpost lets players live out their farming dreams on a barren wasteland of a planet, with the chance to experience extraterrestrial life. With a darker, grittier game design and an intriguing backstory for players to discover, A lonely outpost rings similar to Stardew Valley with its slightly darker story and plot.

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The object of the game for the player is to develop and expand their farm, and with the players, any winnings, hopefully build a new, self-sufficient and thriving colony on this seemingly empty planet.

1 Roots Of Pacha lets players step back in time

Pasha Roots is an RPG farming simulation like no other as it takes place in the Stone Age. Like other farming simulations, the game lets players farm and harvest crops, tend livestock, and grow their community over time. Unlike other farming sims, however, Pasha Roots leaves everything from watering crops to taming animals to the player to discover. With an original and unique aesthetic, Pasha Roots combines beautiful storytelling and light gameplay to create an immersive, unique and memorable experience for players.

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