10 cheapest starter homes in the gallery

Released in 2014, The Sims 4 maintained an ever-growing fan base. Players regularly participate in challenges related to creating sims, scenarios and building houses. Some fans like to use in-game cheats, like Motherlode, and start at luxury houses. Other fans love the challenge of starting or building a starter house as inexpensively as possible.

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Luckily, for those who struggle with building sim houses, let alone building a house on a starter budget, the gallery is available. The gallery is full of starter homes that other players have built and uploaded. Some of these builds are incredibly impressive, even within the most modest budgets.

ten desert oasis

Brought to the gallery by BBBanks710, this desert oasis has a price tag of $9,993. For less than $10,000, sims can live in a spacious, elevated home with a loft bedroom, pool, and patio.

This version is also a base game, meaning fans don’t need any additional packs or expansions to access everything used to complete the house. This house has style, a bit modern, with colors and landscaping that match the desert. It may be considered a starting house, but no one would guess that.


9 first house

With a price of $9,989, slightly less than the Desert Oasis house, players can download First Home by AA_Cristina from the gallery. This home feels complete with the stone surround and front patio with outdoor furniture.

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The floor plan wraps around the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other, giving sims the sense of individual rooms while maintaining an open floor plan. The house has two bedrooms and one bathroom, which means it can be an ideal starter home for a small family.

8 Fern

Fernwood is a cozy cottage style home uploaded by wrathofcath. Sims can own this house for a total of $9,909. The mixture of stones and brown walls with dark brown accents gives a lot of character to this house.

It certainly doesn’t look like it should cost less than $10,000. Inside, it features a comfortable 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom floor plan and also includes a dining area. It may be small, but Fernwood is charming and well worth the price.

7 Entrance 9K 2 Bedrooms

GymeaLillie uploaded this extremely modern version for $9,487. It’s tiny but manages to include two bedrooms. That’s right, two! With simple yet comprehensive landscaping, the house also offers sims a back patio with a picnic table.

The two-tone walls and tall windows open up the space and make the house seem a little bigger than it actually is. If gamers are looking for a modern starter, this is a great choice.

6 First house family

This family home has a price tag of $8,986 and was uploaded to the gallery by Wiracotscha. The large front yard is completely surrounded by hedges and white picket fences with a decorative archway.

The yard includes a water fountain running the length of the yard, patio furniture and planters. Inside the home, the floor plan features two spacious bedrooms, a dining room, and a decent sized kitchen.

5 Alcova do Carvalho

This house was originally uploaded to the gallery by AlyssaBanks for $18,464, but user LauraSims04 turned the build into a starter house and reuploaded it for the price of $8,459. Barn red with stone walls gives this farmhouse style home instant appeal. The exterior features planters on the lower level windows and a small porch.

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The floor plan includes one bedroom, a large kitchen and an office. The office is a nice addition for a first home, but it would be easy to convert to a second bedroom if the household sim needed the room for a family.

4 Less than 7K 1 bed 1 bath

This Under 7K 1 Bed 1 Bath home was uploaded to the gallery by LovelyKatieKitty and costs $6,076. The brick home is accented with landscape plants around the edges and a small porch up to the decorative front door.

The interior has an open floor plan with one bedroom. It might not be extravagant, but it’s spacious enough and definitely worth starting a sim’s life in this house.

3 Under 6K Blank Canvas

This Under 6k blank canvas house is available on LeggyBird’s gallery. This house is unfurnished, however, for a price of $5,080 players can furnish this Tudor-style house themselves and still have Simoleans to spare. The interior is an open floor plan with one spacious bedroom.

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The rounded piece adds extra character. The only landscaping is a pebble path leading to the front door and vines growing in the corners of the house. For just over $5,000, your sim is paying for the charm and style, but it’s worth every Simolean.

2 Under 5K Starter

The Under 5k Starter was uploaded to the gallery by lilsimsie, a well-known YouTube crockpot as a challenge to build a starter house for, as the name suggests, under $5,000. The final price for this starter is $4,993. The large front door is the main eye-catching feature of this tiny green house.

Landscaping wraps around the house to create a warm atmosphere and includes patio furniture set into the grass. With one bedroom, this house may be tiny, but it certainly doesn’t lack in style and is perfectly packed with everything a sim needs to start their life as a sim.

1 Micro starter under 5K

The Micro Starter Under 5k is an extremely modest house uploaded by 300699PG. The price for a sim to start a life in this starter is a total of $2,982, fully furnished. It’s tiny, but the large skylight opens up the house and brings much-needed light to such a small space.

The landscape is minimal and natural. The house manages to include a bedroom, a bathroom, and everything a sim needs to start life. This version is also a base game, so again, no packs or expansions are needed to download this incredibly inexpensive starter.

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