10 challenges players can complete to revitalize the game

electronic arts continues to surprise fans with new The Sims 4 content packs and content releases, including the latest, werewolvescame out just at the beginning of June.

For nearly ten years, The Sims 4 was the cornerstone of the simulation game industry. Its new features, stunning graphics and constant updates contribute to the popularity of the game. However, the number of players who are tired of the game has also increased. But, in such a diverse community of gamers, many simmers have tried to come up with colorful challenges to renew the gameplay.


ten The Sims 4: Wolf Pack Challenge

Sims 4 Dogs and Cats Challenge

When the Dogs & Cats pack is out, Simmers Hatsy, Steph0sims and lilsimsie came up with this challenge to improve the gameplay. Essentially, players must create a Brindleton Bay household with a Sim, a wolf pack of six dogs, and an evil raccoon.

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This Sim must live off the land by gathering, fishing, gardening, and sending his dogs hunting. The most fun is that the raccoon works as the challenge timer, so the difficulty depends on the player who will have to choose the age of the animal. Moreover, it adds an extra spice to the experience, since, according to its creators, it “really does nothing but [making players’ lives] wretched”.

9 homeless challenge

sim 4 homeless challenge

As the name suggests, the goal of this challenge is to survive as a homeless Sim. The character starts with a total of zero Simoleons, and they must survive without work and without owning a house. There are a few versions of this challenge with different additional rules that must be strictly followed.

The Sim may never have a job, earn money for food by collecting or fishing, for example, or they must have specific traits. Because this isn’t the usual “rags to riches” scenario, players seem to appreciate the added layer of difficulty of having no way to get rich quick in the game even more.

8 Hull Challenges

Sims 4 Shell Challenges Examples

Seashell challenges are still as popular today as they were five years ago. The Simmers find a seashell – a construction with only walls, nothing else – and must, without removing, moving or adding a wall, construct a building. Several prominent Sims YouTubers, such as Plumbella or lilsimsie, have created cases of varying sizes and difficulties and made them available to the remaining community.

Players can therefore unleash their creativity as they see fit. From Shire-inspired builds to sprawling jungle villages, the “Shell Challenges” have provided so many Simmers with delightful touring moments.

seven 100 babies challenge

The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge

The objective of the “100 Baby Challenge” is to “give birth to 100 children in as few generations as possible”. Simmers must create a “matriarch”, a fully customized Sim who can get pregnant or impregnate (this can be set for either gender in Create-A-Sim). The “matriarch” needs to get pregnant as soon as possible to start filling the house with babies.

These cannot age and must survive until the end of the challenge, which either occurs when the 100th baby is born or when the rules are broken. While having a household with only one child can be overwhelming for players at times, players should keep in mind that this challenge also requires a young adult to support the ever-growing family and child development, so it can become delicate.

6 Not so Berry Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge

lilsimsie is one of the best known Simmers in the gaming community today. The “Not So Berry Challenge” is one of its trademarks. It’s basically a Legacy Challenge, which means players have to start a family from scratch with no cheats (and starting with zero Simoleons).

The particularity is that each generation is inspired by a given color: everything from clothes, hairstyles, traits and aspirations to game objects must be chosen according to their corresponding color. For the more indecisive players, this provides very specific guidelines, getting them out of the Create-A-Sim and quickly into the story.

5 Create a city challenge

The Sims 4 Build a Town Challenge

This challenge helped the community realize how much The Sims 4, EA the developers have done everything possible to produce the ultimate building experience for players. The Simmers choose a world where they will evict every family and bulldoze every lot. Without traveling to any other world, “a single founder or a single founding couple” with random aspirations and traits must fill the districts according to precise rules.

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Whenever the world has a residential lot as well as five community lots, players can switch to another world. The challenge paves the way for any Simmer to design any world to their liking, as well as crafting each story at will.

4 The Fatal Flaws Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 Challenge Fatal Flaws

Another Legacy Challenge, “Fatal Flaws” is a great way to give gameplay a mean edge. The idea is to attribute to each generation a defect, from which the history of the family is built. Messing around with “negative” traits like jealousy, materialism, snobbery, or laziness can be a pretty refreshing way to approach the game.

Over the years, Redditors have done some of the most diabolical things with this challenge. Additionally, Simmers who complete this challenge have the freedom to choose to follow the trait or try to overcome it.

3 The Forgotten Realms Legacy Challenge

forgotten realms sims challenge

For this challenge, @anxiousmoodlet was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. This is a legacy challenge, but players should check D&D classes to frame each generation’s goals and story guidelines. Simmers can follow fantasy tropes on CAS and feature characters such as wizards or vampires.

This is not a requirement as this concept also encourages players to use other packs or adapt items from other challenges. The main objective, in addition to following the basic rules of inheritance, is to develop a scenario in each generation.

2 The Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge

For players who love the Serial Romantic aspiration, this is the way to go. A Sim with specific traits – – must marry, then kill their spouse and inherit their wealth. The goal is to repeat this process ten times without any cheating while keeping all of the gravestones of the deceased in the lot.

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There are extra points awarded for every child born, and the fact that the Sim can only survive on the money they inherit toughens the game. use in a playful but interesting way.

1 The asylum challenge

sims 4 asylum house

Originally created while The Sims 3 was in its heyday, “The Asylum Challenge” is a great way to spice up how players achieve their aspirations. The main Sim must have the madness trait, along with the other seven young adult Sims, who will need to be included in the household. None of them can be linked, and Simmers can go wild with the other traits they have.

The idea is to complete the main Sim’s aspiration while keeping an eye on the other Sims. If someone dies first, the challenge is lost. This challenge can also be confused with other challenges, for example, one of the “Shell Challenges” for building the institution, which adds an extra layer of difficulty and fun to the gameplay.

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