10 Best Ways To Cheat Death In The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, death need not be a fatality. Although sims have a set lifespan from birth to old age and death, this can be adjusted or even completely disabled. You can adjust your game settings to disable the aging process or reduce the age of your sims whenever you want. Additionally, certain in-game rewards, such as the bodybuilder aspiration, allow your sim to live longer.

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There are many other ways to cheat death, either by avoiding dying altogether or by coming back to life after being resurrected from the dead. In typical sims style, these manners can be wacky, in tune with the signature The Sims franchise style. Escape from death The Sims 4 can be adventurous, fun, and even quite humorous, depending on which method the player chooses.


Not saving your progress

The Sims 4 Horrible Horrible Clowns

Why try to deal with the issue of death, when you can just ignore it. If your sim accidentally eats a dodgy pufferfish nigiri and dies a death you didn’t expect, you can simply wipe your progress. This is useful if your sim’s death isn’t what you had in mind for your gameplay and disrupts your plans.

To do this, simply quit the game without saving. This should take you to your last saved point. While it’s a bit of a cheat to roll back your game like this, it’s kind of fun to undo something as dramatic as death in your game.


A plate of Ambrosia in The Sims 4

If a beloved sim has been sent to an early grave, the rest of their family can conjure up a recipe to gift their ghost and bring them back from the dead. To do this, they must learn to cook ambrosia, a dessert that requires at least level 10 of the cooking skill and gourmet cooking skill, as well as level 5 of the gardening skill.

The recipe also requires you to find a Deathflower and Angelfish to cook the Ambrosia. Then you can present it to a ghost to eat and return it to its living simulation form. This method requires a lot of skill development as well as general trial and error. However, it is a fun and adventurous method of bringing back a SIM card.

the book of life

A revived Sim with the Book of Life

In The Sims 4, writing is a powerful tool. The book of life is one of The Sims 4Hidden secrets that most players never discover. If your sim has the Bestselling Author aspiration, they can write a book of life for another living sim. When the option is available, the game will allow you to “capture the epic saga” of a selected sim.

Once said sim dies, the author of the book can then “summon” that sim, bringing it back to life. While this may take some time and only certain sims and their connections can do this, this method is definitely a sweet and creative way for your sim to use their skills. It’s a fun way in which a Sim’s relationship can help keep them alive in a fun and fantastic way.

Befriend the mother plant

A Sim stood in front of the mother plant in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, friendships are very powerful things. If you own The Sims 4: Strangerville game pack, you will be acquainted with the Mother Plant monster hidden in the factory in Strangerville. The plant is not friendly to strangers, but if you try a few times, especially if you are possessed, you can strike up a friendship.

The mother plant will provide you with a fruit, which will extend your sim’s lifespan by one day. You can extend your sim’s life with frequent fruit requests. Fruits are one of the hidden details in the game that are usually just badass sims fans know. It’s a rather stupid and supernatural way to cheat death, although daily effort is required.

live like a ghost

Sims 4 ghosts sitting in a bar.

Why bother trying to survive, when you can just live your life being dead? The Sims 4 allows you to continue using a sim long after they die, as long as their spirit is still there as a ghost in the world. By right-clicking on the ghost simulation of your choice, you can select “add to household” and continue playing the simulation as normal, unaffected by death.

Even better, by living as a ghost, you don’t have to worry about meeting your sims’ needs, as they are less reliant on basic needs like hunger. This erases the need for knowledge of the The Sims 4 cheat codes to keep your sims in a good mood. While it may seem silly to cheat death while dead, a dead sim allows your sim to “live” in a humorous and beneficial way.

flower arrangement

Flower table surrounded by plants in The Sims 4

If you like pretty flowers, good news: they can save your life. The Sims 4: Seasons The expansion pack has long been considered by fans as one of the most essential packs for the game due to its high quality content and features. Many players are unaware, however, that the pack can even provide the key to immortality for your sim.

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Players can unlock this by reaching level 10 of the flower arranging skill that comes with the pack. If a player creates an “excellent” quality flower arrangement, they may add an orchid scent. Then a sim has the option to inhale the essence of life, adding an extra day to their lifespan. Although it takes some work, this option is a humorous method to give a dark and supernatural side to a cute sims hobby.

Ask a vampire to transform you

The Sims 4 Vampires

vampires in The Sims 4 can be very irritating when they’re waiting outside your home, but if you’re looking to cheat death, they might be able to do you a favor. Forming a relationship with a vampire sim can unlock an opportunity for immortality. When your relationship level is high enough, your sim can select the “ask to spin” option, where you can also become a vampire.

If you are accepted to become a vampire, your sim no longer has a natural lifespan and has the option to live forever. The downside is that your vampire sim can still be killed by stepping out into the sun, but you can still live as a creature of the night. While this isn’t a foolproof plan, it’s definitely a fun way to make your sim’s life supernatural.

Woohooing with the grim reaper

The Sims 4 Grim Reaper hugs a Sim

What better way to avoid death in The Sims, than romanticize death itself? When a sim dies in the game, you have the option to plead for the sim’s life to the Grim Reaper. According to player theories, having a stronger relationship with Grim can improve your chances of success.

To achieve this, you can have a lot of fun. If your Sims are flirting with Grim, they may be able to help their loved ones when the time comes. While it’s not a foolproof plan and the odds are still uncertain even with a good relationship with Grim, you can definitely have fun trying to woo death to save lives.

The wishing well

The Wishing Well in The Sims 4

The wishing well in The Sims 4 is a rather hidden hack that many gamers may not be aware of. The well came with the romantic garden stuff stuff pack, and its powers are often overlooked. While playing as a ghost simulator, players can “wish on life”, returning them to the state of a living simulator.

The well is a capricious being, however. The well often wants gifts that are exchanged for wishes to be granted. If he feels generous, your sim will regain his life, as well as a pact with sinister that will keep you immortal. If luck isn’t on your side, your sim can be cursed, leading to hilarious and often disastrous results. Your sim may be rejected, or may even be brought back to life, only to die again.

Kill a Sim to appease the Cowplant

Plant Cow And Grim Reaper The Sims 4

If you enjoy killing sims, you also have the advantage of being able to save your sim’s life. If a sim is tempted to eat cake from a cow plant twice in a row, the sim is permanently swallowed by the cow plant and killed. If your sim witnesses a cowplant death, then they can milk the plant for “life essence”, fresh from the recent victim.

Drinking milk will then add several days to your sim’s lifespan. The cow is one of the most beloved aspects of The Sims 4 by fans, due to its hilarious design and interactions, even its gruesome method of death. While it’s a cruel way to gain more life for your sim, its dark humor is something many sims fans love it.

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