10 Best Pose Mods For The Sims 4

After the release of Set to work and Moschino stuff in The Sims 4, players have a variety of photo options. The expansion pack and stuff kit allow users to take professional selfies, family photos and more. However, although it is easy to take pictures, there are not many poses to choose from.

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Luckily, there are tons of poses scattered across the internet thanks to Simmers creating Custom Content (CC). Usually, poses are used to showcase new player creations in The Sims 4; like clothes and furniture. The packs also differ in style. For example, some are for friends, while some are for lovers. Simmers interested in knowing what The Sims 4 installation modules work better should check out this article.

ten Let’s walk together

two sims walking and talking together in the sims 4

Unfortunately, walking and talking is not an option in The Sims 4. If two or more Sims want to talk, they will stop moving and converse. With this pack, Simmers no longer need to imagine what it’s like to walk and talk. The possible pairs for this pack are:

  • Two teenage (or older) Sims

  • A teenage (or older) Sim and a child

After selecting the desired pair, Simmers can now choose the pose they like from the Let’s walk together pack by clumsyalienn. Poses also allow Sims to express emotions, making them more authentic.


9 bored in bed

a female sim posing on a bed in the sims 4

This pose is perfect for lazy Simmers. They can dress up their Sim in comfortable clothes and take great photos while the Sim lays on a bed. Also, if the players are CC creators, the bored in bed pose by Katverse is a good choice to showcase their newly made furniture.

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When choosing which pose players want their Sim to take, there is an option that will allow them to play all poses. Basically, the Sim will enter an endless loop of poses. Simmers can take this chance and take as many photos as they want. When they are completed, undoing the action will return the Sim to their original state.

8 wedding pose

a female sim and a male sim taking wedding photos in the sims 4

Weddings are not a strange event in The Sims 4. Finding the one and settling down is every hopeless romantic Sim’s dream. With the wedding pose pack by Beto_ae0, Simmers can pose their two Sims in many romantic poses. Some allow them to hold each other while looking each other in the eye. And a Sim can kiss the other on the cheek.

However, players should plan their Sims outfits before taking pictures. The most important part is obviously the dress. Although the bouquet and the veil are not necessary, they will make the photos more realistic.

7 Near me

a female sim and a male sim posing together in the sims 4

Ever get bored of the fact that female Sims and male Sims are the same height? Well, not anymore. Using downloadable custom content, this pose pack will improve the height difference between the two Sims. The CC needed to make the poses look real is the Leg height slider mod. If players are uncomfortable with this mod, it is possible to use this pack with the original height.

Simmers have the freedom to choose between casual or formal attire, as it depends on the mood they are trying to create. the Near me pack by Katverse is romantic, but that doesn’t mean that players’ Sims have to be lovers. The poses are mostly cute because the two Sims gaze shyly at each other or the male Sim hugs the female Sim from behind.

6 Struck poses

two sims sitting on a loveseat in the sims 4

This pack also has a romantic vibe, where it focuses on Struck poses by RATBOYSIMS. It doesn’t contain many poses, but it makes up for it with the loving atmosphere it creates. Only two teenage or older Sims are required for this pose (gender doesn’t matter) as well as any love seat in the Build Mode. For this to work, players need to place two teleporters in the middle of the loveseat.

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All the poses show the beauty of falling in love looking into each other’s eyes. For example, there’s a pose that shows Sim A leaning over the loveseat to kiss Sim B. This is a must-have pack if players are into romantic interactions.

5 Atlantis

a mermaid holding a flower and posing on a rock in the sims 4

Thanks to a couple of The Sims 4 Expansion packs, like realm of magic and living on the island, Simmers can now create occult beings. For example, spell casters and mermaids. This particular pack contains a few poses that will enhance their Sim’s mermaid functionality.

Using the Atlantis pack by Beto_ae0, players can take photos of their mermaid lying on a rock, gazing at a flower, or the Sim can simply sit elegantly on a rock, looking satisfied. However, keep in mind that there are a few objects that need to be uploaded for the results to come out well (eg the rock and the flower).

4 mermaid posepack

three mermaids posing in the sims 4

This is another Mermaid pack, but unlike the previous one, this pack features poses for one or more Sims. It also requires two main objects to function; which are Rocks cross – Maxis mesh edit and ACC Skull. The second element is not important and can be replaced, but the rock is crucial for this pack.

Players can use this mermaid posepack by BOMMIEKOIV impersonate two mermaids by being intimate or placing three mermaids on a rock. There’s also a pose that might appeal to Simmers who like to imagine unlikely scenarios, namely two mermaids rescuing a human.

3 friends time

a group of sims posing together in the sims 4

If players don’t mind playing with a large family or if one of their Sims has too many friends, then they will definitely enjoy this pack. There are two group poses in the friends time pack by memoriesplastic; one for five Sims and one for six Sims. The first requires a Acc Telephone CC work, while the other doesn’t need anything. The CC must be placed when creating a Sim (CAS) on one of the Sims.

Simmers just have to choose a bit of scenery where they want to take pictures of the large group. Remember that the number of teleporters placed must equal the number of Sims to summon. Next, assign each Sim a pose using the Pose Player.

2 three of us

a female sim, a male sim and a toddler posing together in the sims 4

This pack contains nine poses for three Sims; A female Sim, a male Sim, and a toddler (the first two must be teenagers or older). the three of us pack by Simmerberlin is an amazing choice for all Simmers who are family oriented and love taking pictures of their tiny home.

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Most of these poses have a cute and comforting feel to them, especially the toddler, who most of the time is seen being hugged or smothered by the other two Sims. Keep in mind that all three teleporters must be placed in the same location for the pack to work.

1 Archery pose set

a female sim holding a bow in the sims 4

After The Sims 3 Medieval, The Sims 4 has not posted any history-related content. As a result, Simmers who like the Victorian and medieval vibe are disappointed. Hopefully this pack of poses can satisfy them a bit as it is considered old fashioned.

the archer pose by room of flowers only requires a bow and arrow to fulfill players’ fantasies. In CAS, they must dress their chosen Sim in fitted outfits. Next, the Simmer should tap on the selected Sim and choose Pose by name. Then type a2a_generic_GS_listen_angry_04_x. This action will cause their Sim to enter an infinite loop of archery poses that can be stopped once the action is undone. Players only need to pause the game when a certain pose captures their attention and take a shot.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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